Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pastures of Heaven

Zeta Cartel Employee Hard at Work in Cocaine Field... Scares 400 million Americans away with 20 year old garden tool.

It is a relief to return to the road weary blog...carburetor dust in my lungs...jarritos soda on my parched lips...torta sándwich remnants in my clogged colon. Setinbeck´s book was kind of titled as a mockery of the truth...the poverty and violence and earthlike symbolism...Heaven is where you find it is one message to be construed from Steinbeck´s tales. 5 Years ago I decided I would go to Puebla, Mexico and it took 5 years to get here after a troubled expedition to the Northern Lakes of Labrador. I might set down and write the last 5 years out...it has been unusual.

I knew I had arrived in Mecca when I saw this Wall painting. I can wear my belt buckle proudly here.
 I hope no one has used the 2nd person generic in the past week. I have my spies everywhere so I will know.
Is it good luck when a butterfly photobombs your volcano selfie?
This is a nice puebla in Puebla. There is a volcano that I think is active...the legend is that the volcano is a fire kept by a god to warm his sleeping lover who is laying next to the volcano. I think the monotheistic approach makes things simpler but was it so intollerable to The Spanish having Huehuecoyotl as a God of dance and music?
Oggy in a previous life.

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