Thursday, October 23, 2014

Good Luck America

I was talking to a friend about banking and stocks and how the entire economy is as fallacious as a ghost story told by a drunk hooker. I'd read that each dollar you have in savings is loaned out 7 times by the bank. You deposit $100 and the bank loans $700. So where did the other $600 come from? Magic. It came from the $600 in debt the bank is owed from lending out the $700. Wha??
                                                                                                               Scratching Head

Here's a video that will have you scratching your head too. The lesson is this: you get what you deserve.

  All day long professors and risk managers will defend this system and it's as corrupt and dishonest as anything I can imagine. Wealth is debt and the richest country hides the debt the best. America is the best financial magician. We hide the rabbit, cut it in half, and out come two rabbits. But one of the rabbits is merely an photo-shop doctored hologram of the dead rabbit and we all applaud like babies taking a shit. The Bible and the Koran forbid usury/loan sharks. I've ranted about this in the past and it's as futile as talking to a drug addict. "Oggy, there's nothing wrong with a banking system that operates on phantom profits as long as it works." Oh, you assholes! Assholes think like that. The bigger the asshole, the more they think like that. The biggest assholes are tied to the bank itself. They say the easiest way to rob a bank is to own one. That's what assholes say about assholes. It's so blatantly flawed, so corrupt, so wrong it makes my heart palpitate.

I'm telling you that the future will not include a fractional banking system. No. It will never ever last. In fact, it's not even that old. Only recently have magicians figured out how to defraud everyone with hollow cupcakes. So, between now and the near future the whole banking system will collapse and be rebuilt without a trace of the fractional banking system. Historians will gather in horrified awe at our stupidity. They will be absolutely amazed we 1) got away with it for so long and 2) clung to our denial in the face of the clearest signs of disaster.
I can hear them, "They weren't collectively stupid, no, they were simply mesmerized by the reflection of their fake hair in the glass windows of their crumbling casinos."
And someone will argue, "THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF STUPID. Cows would rather burn to death than run out of a burning barn. It's stupidity. They were $14 Trillion dollars in the hole and didn't do anything. They were stupid motherfuckers and we had to clean up the mess."
Someone else will add, "That's an insult to stupid people. No, it takes real intelligence to fuck up this badly."
This means that for every $10 purchase you make you are handing over about 70 cents worth of currency and the rest is a total fantasy. My problem is that I can't overlook that. I can not remain in denial about something that grim.

Again, what bothers me most is that this is not the product of stupidity, but a manufactured conclusion of higher education. That really bothers me because it's deliberate and predictable. I can only distrust anyone with an education now. I am compelled to distrust them because this fraud is so widespread. It's like, the smarter you are, the more you paid for your education, the bigger the fraud you attempt and right now we're simultaneously attempting 2 of the biggest frauds in history: 1) trying to borrow our way out of a huge carbon debt. 2) collectively trading worthless counterfeit currency.

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