Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Arizona Moves Toward Secession From The Country They Claim To Love

Proposition 122 - Reject Unconstitutional Federal Actions 100.0% reporting

Yes: 51.4%
No: 48.6%

A “yes” vote shall have the effect of allowing the state to restrict the state and all local governments from using any personnel or financial resources to enforce, administer or cooperate with a federal action or program that is not consistent with the Constitution of the United States. The state’s authority is exercised if the state passes an initiative, referendum, bill, or pursues any other available legal remedy. A “no” vote shall have the effect of retaining the current law relating to state and local governments and the Constitution of the United States. (Yes, No)

In a quiet move toward secession, the state of Arizona has redefined States obligation to the Country.* It's their prerogative and their inclination so I don't object, but it's cowardly and contradictory so I do want to point out what secessionists actually look like. There are your standard issue secessionist who are opposed to governments. Then there are your snobby lawyer schooled secessionist like those behind the Arizona proposition. It's disloyal and mildly traitorous but no different than what South Carolina did in 1860. It's more subtle and the wording is devious, so you might look at it like South Carolina in 1855 when they were quibbling over slaves who escaped.

"Approved was Proposition 122, a state constitutional amendment that enshrines the anti-commandeering doctrine in the state constitution. The language amends the state constitution to give Arizona the ability to “exercise its sovereign authority to restrict the actions of its personnel and the use of its financial resources to purposes that are consistent with the Constitution.”

I vividly remember having a similar argument with a policeman about sleeping in the forest. He said there was a law against such action and I said, "I had a vote and the majority of me agreed that law was not consistent with the United States Constitution so I refuse to obey it. I'm so Pro-America that I'll go to jail before obeying that law."

Arizona is basically saying that although they will continue to be a state and benefit from the Federal Government in terms of taxes and border patrol and defense, they can and will pick and choose which Federal laws to obey. If they disapprove of constitutionally approved laws like the villainous affordable health care act, then we will declare it to be unconstitutional...without the bother of asking the Supreme Court to make that decision, because we're Arizona and we're special.

So many drug dealers in Los Angeles were using this exact argument in court. The prohibition of marijuana was unconstitutional (in their opinion) so they need not obey it. And they all went to jail because the state had the power.

I wonder how long it will take for Arizona to test their new proposition because it's going to be interesting to see what happens. I read the Conservetard forums and they all cross their fingers that the National Guard will "Choose the right side" in the coming Civil War. Good luck. I've been to The Grand Canyon so you can keep it locked up. See, the problem is that there is a paradox within the language of the proposition: "allowing the state to restrict the state and all local governments from using any personnel or financial resources to enforce, administer or cooperate with a federal action or program that is not consistent with the Constitution of the United States"

This is classic Conservetard language that makes my heart throb in despair. They are saying that a federal action or program will be ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court, but will still be unconstitutional in the eyes of Arizona. It's a paradox because the entire Government is dipped in Bronze by flag-waving fuckwad Constitutionalists because it's impossible to elect someone without the electoral vote majority, and no federal action or program can proceed without the agreement of the House of Reps and Senate...who were also elected...and even when all that gets messed up and something like the Affordable Health Care Act puts hundreds of Yale Lawyers to work defending it or attacking it then the thing finally ends up in the Supreme Court, as happened recently, and those judges are appointed by every dead President from the last 100 years so they are kind of voted in by proxy by voting for a President, the Constitution still determines what happens. See, the whole fucking derivative design is written in the Constitution. So pretty much if anything happens in the United States then tough shit, you are obliged to obey, all you can do is pony up the tens of million$ in counterfeit Lobbying money to get the laws changed. Or move to Belize and shut up. There ain't much else you can do about it because everything is predicated on the condition that it if it exits in the Federal world then it is constitutional. End of debate. The checks and balances are passing a proposition that makes your specific state political body one final deciding check and balance is as redundant as any common criminal who decides the law doesn't apply to him.

This is what fundamentalism looks like, when there is a disagreement with the status quo and people start talking about the fundamental meaning of the constitution, and not the meaning of the constitution as applied in 2014. No, when Gun-nut camo-wearing red state fanatics start quoting James Fucking Madison from 1788  in a proposition today then it's time to be concerned. This is total insanity, no different than my quoting some random essay written by Dwight Eisenhower or even King George II or maybe Plato. Sure, Madison was the 4th President. So what? You know who the 5th President was? ANOTHER LONG-DEAD WHITE GUY. His hegemonic opinion don't mean shit. This is a biblical approach to politics ie: "Divine beings passed these decrees down from the heavens so I must obey."

This is how the activists claim victory: "Today, voters in Arizona approved a ballot measure that follows James Madison’s advice to stop federal overreach."

Are you fucking kidding? James Madison's advice? Did you guys hold a seance on Halloween? Was Madison informed about where Arizona is? James Madison? This is our savior? Why not Daffy Duck? Does anyone in Arizona know James Madison was the slaveholder who denied women the right to vote, the guy who granted Native Americans tribes sovereignty and then stole their land in 1812, and the man who magically cut 2/5 of every black citizen off when it came time to count population in order to decide electoral votes and House or Representatives? This was a compromise between Benjamin Harrison's stingy 1/2 and others more generous 3/4 ratio. This barbarian is Arizona's role model? Did he posthumously vote in the 2014 election?

The best part about quoting long dead people is that they can not clarify themselves. I, Oggy, quickly become one of James Madison's unruly ignorant children and only those like Arizona's elite Illuminati can guide me back to the source. It bothers me because they are saying they love the country so much that now they don't need to abide by anything the Constitution they love enables. So many times I've been told "Love it or leave it." so I left, and now the whole state of Arizona is showing their assholes to the Constitution and I find myself becoming loyal again. Hey Arizona! Love it or Leave it! And Take Florida with you! You will only be expected to obey Constitutional actions because the nature of the Constitution will define anything the Government does as "Constitutional". There is no way an unconstitutional federal action will exist. Whether it's "good" or "beneficial" is another story. That's the core of America: The Will of the people/constitution presides...even if that means we fuck you over. If you don't like it then, lucky you, it's a big planet. Hit the fucking road, Jack. In fact, your Prop 122 will probably be declared unconstitutional, which makes you less "American" than a gypsy living in Mexico. You must feel like assholes. FUCK YOU, ARIZONA! Liberals will rent all your daughters out to Ebola pimps and HIV research labs and you will have to watch your water used to grow marijuana for deadbeat hippies and their mixed race children. hahaha! There's nothing you stupid 10th Amendment chanting motherfuckers can do about it. In fact, I'll see your 10th Amendment and raise you a Royally Ironic Assfucking because since history is destined to repeat itself then at some point in the next 600 years Muslims (or pick your religion) will choose Madison's grave site in Orange, Virginia to build a huge mosque and another cycle of warfare will begin as zealots devoted to Madison's 900 year old essays will take offense and vow to destroy the unholy occupiers at all cost. And that's how Muslims in Saudi Arabia feel today.

Note: I have no problem with Arizona seceding, but I wish they would do it cleanly rather than this petty argument using James Madison's 1788 essays to cloak their disloyalty and basically declare the rest of the Country as Un-American. Arizona is about as American as Haiti. It's a shitty low approach like a roach chewing on feces and mocking the grasshopper who eats grass. But as long as they can discredit the whole idea of a constitution (while at the same time paradoxically claiming to be defending the constitution) then I'll go ahead and write my own list of laws that I think are unconstitutional, even though the constitution enabled them, and I'll disobey them. Because that works better for me and nothing brings a country together like being a selfish motherfucker. Let me go find a political enemy of James Madison from 1788 whose essays I can claim are divine...because that makes sense.

* This proposition was passed by only 20,000 votes.


Anonymous said...

should we be talking about Saudi Arabia spearheading the efforts to bankrupt our domestic oil companies by lowering the price per barrel making it futile for them to survive, then when they go bankrupt, they can shoot the barrel price back up overnight, we'd be paying 4.32 a gallon in gas. i'm dead

Oggy Bleacher said...

That sounds like something Walmart might do so I accuse thee of thought crime and treachery against the state. We're going to get all the oil we want from the B.C. tar sands via the pipeline and Texas.
I pay 15 pesos/liter so this math conversion is beyond my ability. My moped runs on the blood of Ukrainian children,,,,2 children/100km. pretty good economy:)

Anonymous said...

You are God.

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