Friday, November 14, 2014


 Horizontal Gradiant (too difficult)

No Gradient (easy)

Vertical Mexican Flag Gradient (easy)
Lost in Space and also lost in time. Both. Time and space. But he's saved magically because in this movie nothing changes.

Smooth Horizontal Mexican Flag (too difficult)

I'm gathering material to paint the name of the van on my van. It seems contradictory to use the Mexican flag colors on a word that sort of plundered the country that would become Mexico, but it's also a celebration of the culture and history and present. I've got the material for a simple Gold with white outline. I want to paint it on the hood in acrylic or enamel. I can always paint the colors of Guatemalan flag later but the problem is that the blue is the same color as the hood. When faced with a choice between two unconventional options I usually choose the most unconventional, which would be the Mexican flag.
Artistic Sample From Big Bend
 Image result for guatemalan flag   
I'd be lying if I said this wasn't motivated a little by my desire to avoid being kidnapped, tortured, burned, pulverized, stuffed in a trash bag and then thrown in a river.

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