Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Look

double spacing in blogspot "sand dollar" theme. html is not like horseshoes or hand grenades: close isn't good enough.

It took a little prodding from my many fans* but I tracked down the line where the line-height should be and added the 2.2em and now the space should be double. I don't know why I couldn't find it the other day, or maybe I found it and didn't have the 'em' after the 2.2 or had a space or lacked a }closed bracket or semi-colon. html is a little maddening and obviously I'm already tortured by the infinite details of living so I try to avoid it. I am also experimenting with a different background color, shit brown, in order to make the text less glaring. I don't love it but I'm not a designer at heart. The reason The Onion and CNN and other sites get away with a white background is because they only have about 2 paragraphs of text and the videos start to play automatically and video is easier on the eyes than reading. I don't love this theme but I also don't like change so I think we're stuck with it. The status quo is easier to accept.
Took some trial and error but I think I moved the column in and got more text on one line.

*It's not that I care what my readers think, but in this case I happened to agree.
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