Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Look

double spacing in blogspot "sand dollar" theme. html is not like horseshoes or hand grenades: close isn't good enough.

It took a little prodding from my many fans* but I tracked down the line where the line-height should be and added the 2.2em and now the space should be double. I don't know why I couldn't find it the other day, or maybe I found it and didn't have the 'em' after the 2.2 or had a space or lacked a }closed bracket or semi-colon. html is a little maddening and obviously I'm already tortured by the infinite details of living so I try to avoid it. I am also experimenting with a different background color, shit brown, in order to make the text less glaring. I don't love it but I'm not a designer at heart. The reason The Onion and CNN and other sites get away with a white background is because they only have about 2 paragraphs of text and the videos start to play automatically and video is easier on the eyes than reading. I don't love this theme but I also don't like change so I think we're stuck with it. The status quo is easier to accept.
Took some trial and error but I think I moved the column in and got more text on one line.

*It's not that I care what my readers think, but in this case I happened to agree.


Anonymous said...

Much better, I think. Give me something long and ponderous to read and i will let you know.

Oggy Bleacher said...

I'm planning an essay on everything I learned from a conservative website. That should be long and ponderous...unless the henchmen for the Prophet Mohammad kill me first.

Anonymous said...

There is no cartoon of Mohammad on your website.. and I doubt there are many Muslims in Guat. Maybe some Seventh day Adventists. That would make for a nice article.


Oggy Bleacher said...

Catholic, and Mormons. I had some long prayer sessions with Mormons recently. Part of the reason I fled Mexico. Church of Latter-Day Saints. Maybe some 7th Day. Mayans are still around believing a volcano spawned humanity.

You are suggesting I interview a Guatemalan about how offensive the Mohammed picture is?

that's the link to a page with all the illustrations. I considered posting the illustrations but I thought it would more interesting if I could offend all Americans interested in free speech. Sort of being a contrarian I would discredit anyone who believed in free speech. It's more in the spirit of Charlie Hebdo to make enemies than jump on an easy bandwagon. I might draw a crude illustration of James Madison butt-fucking George Washington or print out the Bill of Rights and take a shit on it, but I just don't feel like putting those Mohammed illustrations on my page. It's beneath me. They don't appeal to me at all. Really dumb things to get killed over. Totally diminishes the meaning of free speech. Like calling Larry Flynt a patriot.

I just learned today that satire is a big deal here, so they'd be against the zealots, but there are no sacred cows in Latin America. If I defaced a Jesus statue they would pray for me and fix the statue. They've had so much grief here that they don't sweat the small stuff like comics.

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