Thursday, January 22, 2015

So Much Punditry So Little Time

I had a dream last night and it was vivid...I was riding my moped down a dirt road, the dirt road split right and a detour forced me down another winding dirt road and finally to a sharp left turn under a bridge that I could not make because I was going too fast. Instead, I turned right and came to a dead end...and there was a fenced-in area, old and overgrown with many tortured vehicles. It was an abandoned car storage lot and the vehicles had been overtaken by the weeds and trees, the trees actually had grown around the vehicles and I poked among them in awe at the abandoned treasures with a vague male figure who I can't identify but he identifies the trees as a paper birch, and I remember that it was the leaves and not the bark that he was referring to...the leaves, I reached out and touched one, were exactly like parchment paper but the bark was ordinary oak bending around an old Dodge it wasn't a paper birch tree, which has white flaky papery bark, but I believed him...and then a girl who resembled someone I once loved came out of nowhere with a bag of cocaine that she was snorting right from the bag. She held the bag under my nose and I feebly refused but eventually inhaled the powder, maybe to please her. Then I woke up and I could still hear the rustle of the leaves in my hands and I was disappointed because I had so much to say to that girl but never said it and will never have the chance again.

This side mirror mount (The mirror that broke on the street and I had replaced yesterday) has caused me so much grief recently. This broken end was a hex head that twisted off when I tried to loosen it. But the other end was simply threaded with a nut. So how the hell is it constructed? This end must be so rusted that the bolt broke rather than loosened. Worst of all, the little crimp at the end that holds the bolt in place gave way so now it all merely turns in place and I can't tighten it. I'm so puzzled. Should I replace it or rebuild it or make this work with some plastic cement?
I made a resolution to participate in no more new punditry or even analysis of punditry.* I don't know how long this will last because I've got some opinions on recent events that are like festering pustules of hate trying to get out of me. But I know that it's a futile exercise and not really amusing to investigate cultural trends, opinions, fallacies, spin, media manipulations. I didn't get one death threat from my Conservative thought essay. How many people do I have to insult? Current events are easy fruit to pick for a lazy pundit and I have other projects that demand full focus. Even if I think I'll be exploring a dark corner of the twisted motives of man I also feel everything that can be said about these topics has been said. There is too much evidence to ignore, so whatever crisis we will face springs from our own ignorance. This is my final word on this for now: modern man is child-like and petty and deserves what he gets and will reap what he sows and whatever happens will be blamed on someone else.

*editing old essays doesn't count.

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