Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Exercise With a Vampire

Weary walker rests like dazed junkie in hurtful sunlight

I have become nocturnal because of the peace at night, but this really doesn't work out because the merciless sun comes up at 6am, about an hour after I lay down so I sleep with a pillow on my face, which suffocates me and causes night terrors, which occur at noon, so I don't know what one calls that. Day terrors? Sleeping terrors. And the main comes to clean with a loud broom at 1. And they are renovating the bathroom all day. But it is peaceful at 3am. I dreamt I had an afro.

 Overlooking Queztaltenango
And because my visa is shortly running out and the draconian Guatemalan regulations possibly require I leave the country for 90 days to renew my own car visa...maybe... I need to renew my personal visa in the country and then go to the airport in Guatemala City and renew the van visa. All of this will take perhaps two weeks so I'm going to be off the radar living in either Antigua or GC. So I had to get new black and white matte/texturized photos taken at a Guatemalan photo shop and they make me look god awful. She told me to take my ear ring out but I said it was impossible because it has no clasp and is a pirate hoop. But because of my nocturnal nature I am pale and my photo was hardly flattering.
Who the hell is this vampire and why is he wearing my shirt?

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