Monday, March 30, 2015

Arctic Wolf Related Media

There's an Arctic wolf at 3:30.

I count about 5 distinct shots of an American Flag, which is noteworthy not only because it is really trite jingoism, but it's also misleading since the Alaskan Arctic isn't being contested and the Arctic that has "potential for development" is not America. But by imposing the flag on digital landscapes they are suggesting Ellesmere Island is America. It's not. It's Canadian. But with multi-national corporations in political power like Exxonmobile and Chevron, flags are interchangeable. For all I know some of these video shots are of Antarctica.

In the 2009 movie Avatar a group called "The Resources Development Administration" is what is on the planet Pandora searching for a rare metal called unobtanium. The year is 2154 and I forget how it's explained that in a mere 150 years we either locate a nearby planet named Pandora (how did we miss it?), or develop interstellar travel...all in the aim of finding resources since Earth has been depleted. I think if you left on the fastest rocket ship available at this very moment you would not arrive at the nearest solar system for 19,000 years. So that would be the year 21,015. Good luck booking a round trip ticket for something like that. This raises the same kind of question raise by the recent movie Interstellar, namely, if humans can develop civilizations in space then why is Earth needed? Also, if a self-supporting environment can be manufactured then why does it have to float around in space? Why not leave it on Earth? Maybe the cartoon sequel to Avatar will answer these questions. The movie did nothing for me because I'm not 13 year old anymore and cartoons are only cool when I eat LSD at the same time. The $400 million price tag on the movie also made me sick when it was attached to a movie that 'raises environmental awareness'. That's just phony bullshit propaganda. Avatar absolutely is a generic 'moral transformation' story reused a dozen times. Avatar was different because it's mostly animation or animatronics or advanced rotoscoping and also live action. I would recommend Watership Down (1978) or Silent Running (1972) if you want to raise your awareness about anything.

Avatar was also released as I was starving to death in Laconia. I had to sneak in through an open emergency exit door in order to watch it in an empty theater during a blizzard. I wanted to see what counted for an "environmental awareness movie" in 2009 and of course it horrified me. The fact I was at that very moment hung up on my own environmental quest to see the Arctic Wolf, a quest that I believed was a stronger and more original concept with compelling sub-plots...but had a promotion budget of $0, really irked me. Cameron gets $400 million to fill the pockets of computer geeks sitting behind animation computers in the Superfund site known as San Jose...and he's calling himself an eco-activist. I'm trying to physically visit the Arctic wolf to save the future of humanity while wearing recycled pants and I'm called a lunatic. Really depressing scenario. I felt like Travis in Taxi Driver (1976) at the porn theater.

If I just had $1000 I could've left Laconia and driven a snowmobile to Labrador.

Well, this Arctic Potential Report is something that 'The Resources Development Administration' would produce. Gleaming faces with comforting sounds and misappropriated wildlife images. American flags. Gross.

And of course the nail in my neck is the image of the Arctic Wolf, the object of my quest in 2009-2012, being used casually like the animal was happy to assist in propaganda designed for the destruction of its homeland.

This is an unavoidable development. The Arctic has been exploited for 100 years and with the complete loss of Summer ice sheet in a few years the onslaught will commence. California got 8% of the average snowpack this past winter. The wolf in this video will be gunned down, seals slaughtered. All for oil to serve 8 Billion meat puppets and their pets.


Anonymous said...

We converted to natural gas this fall. So I am not contributing to failing of the arctic. I wanna ruin the water supply. Yup Give me some home grown fracking to really fuck generations to come. When we look back on the wrongs done to the earth, people will laugh a full belly laugh at how we thought the "oil industry was destroying the world" They will beg for the smog and oil covered birds, except they won't be able to because they will be so parched.

The water is still here it is just polluted and redistributed.


Oggy Bleacher said...

I'm filled with disdain.

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