Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mango Madness

Everything comes in plastic bags in Guatemala's effort to pollute the remaining 11% of rivers in the country.
Beside the affordable blonde transvestite hookers, the thing I love most about the tropics is bags of mango and papaya all pre-prepared by the refugees of Reagan's slaughter of Mayan farmers. It Worked, Ronnie! They are now completely traumatized, homeless, families torn apart, the economy is fucked by decades of corruption you funded. WAY TO GO! Now they all sell fruit on the sidewalk, shine shoes, wash cars and juggle at intersections. Perfectly exploitable. Oh, but the fruit is super cheap and the farmers were tortured by CIA death doctors for trying to organize a union. But the important thing is that bananas are affordable in the middle of fucking winter in Chicago and Toronto! VIVA CHE!

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