Sunday, May 31, 2015


I think the demonizing of a religion is part of the process of religious persecution. ISIS knows this better than anyone and American Freedom Defense Initiative also knows this. The recent attack on religious freedom has exposed the sides better as my debates revealed deep hatred of Islam and dedication to the destruction. Basically, those who agree with the persecution of Islam either A) don't think it's persecution. B) think it's justified because Islam "isn't a real religion". They are two sides of the same coin.

And I'm definitely in the minority of people who think actively marching on a mosque to disrupt and terrorize Muslims trying to worship is a case of emotional terrorism. Like, "I only called my child a low piece of worthless shit who should die because he's a goat fucker. What did I do wrong? Why am I being charged with child abuse?"

Is that how you were raised?

That's my take on this issue. It's very easy to abuse people as long as you are not abused. The pundits like Bill Maher and Bill O'Reilly and Pamela Geller are winning the war of propaganda to the point that when I say that this emotional attack is a civil rights violation, I'm considered nuts. I went to the Religion forum on Craigslist and did not manage to recruit a single person into signing the petition. They believe that spiritual abuse and emotional attacks, insults, offensive cartoons, marching like thugs with guns and pitchforks....IS NOT PERSECUTION. How the fuck did this happen? How did people get to the point where you can march on a mosque and disrupt prayer with guns and offensive cartoons and call them "goat fuckers" and that's not persecution? Even the religious folks only felt that Islam was not worthy of defense. This is another trend in the thug law that is spreading across the United States. ISIS demonizes Christians and Jews to recruit terrorists. Bill Maher demonizes Islam to recruit hate members to his domestic terrorist groups. This is the pattern: demonize, discredit, dehumanize, defile, decriminalize. kill. Are Muslims being radicalized? Yes. Are Christians being radicalized? Yes. Are Mormons being radicalized? Yes. Are Red Sox Fans being radicalized? Yes. We are at stage 3. Once the law doesn't apply to Muslim citizens then they can be killed. That's the goal of all these terrorist groups and they will fail because there are 8 million Muslims who will defend themselves. This is the main recruiting tactic of ISIS, "America is incompatible with Islam"....and Geller is demonstrating that is exactly true. America, at least Texas and Arizona, are incompatible with Islam because they are not defending the right of Muslims to worship in peace. That's because they have been demonized by political pundits. We have freedom of press, but does that include emotional terrorism of religions? Currently, it does. Fox News daily rants about the demon religion like witch hunters from 1610. They are constantly ranting and sewing seeds of hate and people are gobbling it up. It's 1933 Germany all over again. I don't see how rationality will recover as long as the hate mongers have their popular programs. I really don't. It's mathematical: if you can convert a certain number of people daily to become an anti-islam (or jew, or christian or LDS) then you will eventually have the power to execute anyone. I don't know if I'll be around to see that happen but I definitely see it in the future. Eventually, there will be an armed mob bombing a Mosque or Synagogue or Church and the police will do nothing. And the level of intolerance for that religion will decide what happens next. I predict it will always escalate to violence and right now the states of Arizona and Texas are sanctioning the terrorism. It hasn't reached the stage of grenades or pipe bombs but I don't see how the fuse can be pulled out. The hate and division is so deeply held that it's going to be impossible to stop it. There will be holy war in America and already there is religious persecution. The conditions that the original Puritans fled from in England have been recreated 400 years later in country the Puritans founded to escape from the religious persecution. It's too ironic but I really weep for humanity. I see resistance and if I'd been in Arizona then I would've joined the counter-protesters but I can not realistically see these left wing zealots changing their mind. They have a blood lust that must be satisfied and they are going to keep pushing and pushing. It's an intractable situation because Muslims are truly not safe, they will be attacked, they will be persecuted and the police are impotent and in collusion with the zealots. So, what is a Muslim to do? Wait to be attacked and then who does he call? The police already demonstrate they don't care. If the Muslim defends himself he will be charged with murder. If he doesn't defend himself he will die? He has no options and I feel we've failed as a nation if that's true.

The light of liberty grows very dim. America has disgraced itself.


Anonymous said...

You're not living here anymore. what the hell do you care. You ran away from it all. Just keep living the dream. Enough with the preaching. Monday morning quarterback. Adios

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Go fuck yourself Oggy. Traitor and A coward. Draft dodger at best. Seriously shut the fuck up about it. If I wanted to hear any shit I'd just squeeze your eccentric head.

Oggy Bleacher said...

why they fuck would a couple of champions of liberty like you all visit this shitty diary of a dirty old man?

you thought I'm all fun and games chasing arctic wolves, getting electrocuted in the oil field? there was a time when all I did was preach, 5 or 10 years in the fucking trenches, and no one listened then either. keep in mind that my comments on 'pro-jihad' websites are much more critical than these pleasure cruises through my tortured mind. I denounce terror whenever I see it.
it really sucks that the rhetoric has reached the point that I gotta sound like an asshole to break through the poison but that's where we are at. the hate pundits are obviously winning and I won't allow it to happen without a fight.

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