Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why is July Pronounced Juu-Leye?

This makes no sense. The word Duly, as in "Duly noted" is pronounced "Do-lee." But July is not pronounced "Ju-lee." or "Ju-lie"...instead it is pronounced completely differently than all other 'ly' endings. Terribly, traumatically, softly, sadly, justly....but July is Jew-Leye. It was named after Julius Caesar, whose name is also not pronounced as it is spelled. See-zer instead of Say-Czar. But if Julius was the name then we should pronounced it "juu-lee" because that would be abbreviating Julius. But we've ruined the spelling and also the origin of this word and deviated from all the rules of pronouncing 'ly' endings.


Anonymous said...

Really? Thanks for the useless 411. You have way too much down time. Thanks for the sleep aid. Don't know why I'm even responding. Cut the cord already. Pathetic. I could write anything I wanted on here. No one would know. probably have nightmares tonight from reading that crap. God bless America. Being down there is sucking the life out of you. Maybe some more useless leather crafts will help. Wasting away. next title for the blog. Write about that.

Oggy Bleacher said...

I can't disagree. I'm becoming a generic conventional drone like everyone else. The same redundant opinions, same material obsessions. This is a low point in the adventure aspect of this blog although I got skin cancer frozen off nose this afternoon. Creatively I am dead.

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