Friday, September 18, 2015

Group Of Lunatics Meet in Library to Discuss Apocalypse

I had to watch the Republican debates the other day and wonder if I was the only person who thought it was ironic that a library was named after a senile, babbling, mass murderer who got elected by reading optimistic scripts, like an actor, which is what he was. But the real irony was the religous zealotry and 'sanctity of life' was dripping from the lips of these monsters as they muttered in the same breath "unborn babies are precious, gun rights are holy, all who would harm Americans will die" Gun rights are holy? But unborn babies are precious? Am I reading that correctly?
The symbolism of greed was rich

What an incredible mess of ethical stew. Good luck, you pedantic, phony, bible thumpers.

The best response I have to them all is simply, "Your council is demonic." 
I don't know if they have advisers or they simply hear the ghost of Reagan in their head, but the voices they listen to are the voices of demons. Their premises are totally fucked. Mostly, they clung to life raft positions that will guarantee muddy conclusions to guns, drugs, terrorism and immigration. These 4 topics are classic septic tank discussions as they are all cash cows that can have absolutely no conclusion but can be dangled like a bloody fetus in front of the American public and agitate to their advantage. Climate change, which will kill everything alive today, was not discussed in depth. God was mentioned quite a bit.

These are individuals who have very high levels of deception and narcissism and merely want to check off another accomplishment on their Type A list of goals. They have no concept of humility or ethics. They are a wasteland of oratory babbling and zealous invoking the name of Mass murderer Reagan, who not only flooded the streets of Los Angeles with crack cocaine in order to fund religious terrorists in Asia who would later bomb America, but who gleefully funded Central American dictators who murdered 1000 farmers a month to prevent the spread of economic equality, and then plead senility as his excuse. For this list of crimes he got a library named after him. He is celebrated and honored. Though he was a mass murderer his name is equivalent to a pope's blessing. So, if you go to this library to celebrate something so awful then we obviously can't expect humility and we got a mouthful of shit from them all. But it made for good entertainment.

A couple of these idiots remarked on marajuana as a gateway drug that should remain illegal. Oddly, one of those idiots was the governor of New Jersey, where Atlantic City is located, filled with drugs, booze, gambling, sex trade...and the other idiots was trump who owned one of those casinos. Well, they got one thing right, marijuana is a gateway drug...for the DEA, FBI and CIA to justify their 80 years of attacking private citizens private habits. The DEA used marijuana to target activists, poor people, jazz musicians, and anyone who was undesirable to the corrupt status quo. So, marijuana is indeed a gateway drug which has turned into a permanent addiction of federal infringement on private citizens and a cash cow of phony intervention strategies that are really laundering methods for dirty wars of dirty politicians and have nothing remotely related to health care. As far as marijuana leading to use of other drugs they probably have the chain of events backwards. Crack users smoke pot to wean themselves off crack...they don't grow tired of pot and move on to crack. In fact, the illegal nature of pot requires a person who is in search of pot to engage with sellers of all illegal drugs, which makes sense because they are all illegal and equally evil in the eyes of Christie and other idiots. So, the very law that makes pot illegal guarantees that someone who is looking to buy pot in a fucked up state like New Jersey to be immediately asked, "Do you want some crack or meth or heroin?" since the dealer will also have those products. In California, the dispensary had pot and only pot. Heroin was illegal in Los Angeles so you had to go to a different street corner for that. And if Heroin and pot were both legal, I can predict that they will not be sold in the same store. So, these stupid and blind federal prosecutors are not only wrong about marijuana being a gateway drug, but they are doubly stupid because it is their law criminalizing pot that guarantees pot users will also have access to crack and meth, which are evil, but still fall into the category of a private matter. The best way to prevent pot users from "trading up" to heroin is to make both drugs legal and have them sold in different locations. Adults should be able to make bad decisions without some piece of shit federal prosecutor pretending to care about them so much that they put them in jail and force them into rehab. Totally pathetic remarks on pot from all of these idiots. I wish I had been on that stage. 
"Oggy, have you smoked pot?"
"Ever smoked pot? I'm high right now!"

It was disgusting to watch but at least the signs of collapse are so obvious that we will have no one to blame but ourselves. This imbeciles could not deceive a drunk sailor. Their evil is transparent.

I promise you that nothing good can come from any of these candidates. I'm no fan of Democrats either and until there is a wider selection of vetted candidates then we are doomed.
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