Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good morning mudslide

This morning, the man in the van was crippled with cramps. These are natural reactions to the laxative pills he takes to help him shit. Why can't he shit like normal people? Well, it's an unpleasant story, that will hopefull come to an end one way or another on Wednesday, as the man in the van goes to Glendale for a hemorrhoidectomy.
but that's beside the point. This morning the man was slow getting his act together and he paid for it as the normal morning shit came early and the man ended up taking a gigantic shit in the middle of the L.A. Weekly newspaper spread out on the floor of his van. Man, this was a steaming pile of sloppy shit that you don't want to see up close. Fortunately, the man was too flustered to take a picture of it.
If it happens again then you can count on a picture.
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