Monday, April 18, 2016

Tune Up

This was some overdue maintenance. changing and timing the dizzy cap, changing plugs, changing points and condenser, new air filter after being told it was an order-only part and a valuecraft item was sitting ten feet away. I inventoried my parts department and found 16 new spark plugs and 8 used spark plugs in addition to the 8 already installed. I had so many parts I could build a new van, as long as the gas didn't have rocks or rubber in it. Now the 302 sounds like it has all 220 Horses back in the race. I don't like working on cars for money but there's definitely a feeling of fulfillment when I get El Conquistador sounding hungry for the road. That vacuum sound is what you hear when you take the air filter off, strong vacuum means the rings are sealing and drawing air.
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