Friday, July 22, 2016

Make America Think Again

I can understand Reagan using this generic slogan toget rid of Jimmy Carter's pitiful farm ethics, but the rhetoric the Republicans have been slinging recently is so grotesque that it is actually contradicting their own slogan. One after another Republican hate monger said, "America is the greatest country on earth." Ok, that is generic and can't even be defined or verified. So many things are wrong with that statement but the one that I hate most, as a writer, is the word "great". This is comparable to the word "really" or "just". It is a horribly generic word. I will say that it is a 'Walmart Slogan' because Great Value is one of their generic economy brand names, the boxes that Oggy survived on when he had no money. I don't like this word "great" at all. When used in this manner it has almost no meaning. It is like the word "super". What the fuck does the word "super" mean. It can be applied to a market, or to a hero or to your boss. "Great" is even worse. I understand that in improvised speech we will say "great" and "Really" and "just" and "super" because we don't have time to sit around and think of a synonym that will make us sound intelligent. Ok. BUT WHY THE FUCK IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY USING THIS WORD FOR IN THEIR SLOGAN? They have no excuse because I assume they did not improvise the slogan stolen from Reagan era propaganda. So, in 36 fucking years they did not find anything wrong with that slogan or no way to improve it? Man, what bullshit.

 Let us break the whole slogan down.

Make America Great Again.

Make: Another lazy verb. It is the generic action verb when a person can not think of a better verb. We make furniture? Or do we construct furniture? Do we make a baby? Or do we conceive a baby? Do we make love? Or do we fuck? This word 'Make' is lazy and generic, pointless, awful.

America: Ok, it involves the word of the politicial name of this specific geographic region of North America. I get it. But what the hell does it mean to do anything to a mental concept of a geopolitical designation? America is an invented, manufactured idea, like all contries, not an actual tangible object. So, to take physical action, such as would be implied by the verb 'make', on an idea is simply impossible. Another fail.

Great: Firstly, the word "great" is pathetic, sloppy, lazy, generic. Do you understand that Tony the Tiger was using this word back in 1959 to sell Frosted Flakes? Ok, I accept a speaking and walking carnivorous tiger who eats and shills wheat products can't think of a better word...but what is Reagan and Trump's excuse? Theeeeey're Great! It's bullshit word that can substitute for any adjective that can never be defined or verified. I hate this word, like I hate the misuse of the word "just". As I wrote above, this is a lazy qualifier, generic, walmart vocabulary, insulting, empty, fucked up frosted flakes talking tiger bullshit. Get rid of this fucked up word. It means nothing and is used when there is no way to verify anything. This is exactly the word propaganda merchants use when they want to flim flam a 8 year old kid into smoking or eating fake chocolate or drinking ovaltine. It is meaningless and has no place in politicial discourse. God, this is an empty word. Great. When speaking I understand that it has a place, but if you are writing or planning a motto then how can you not think of a better word? This word great is the absolute last word you should use to describe what the hell you are trying to accomplish in a complicated subject like the philosophical concept of a country. Awful, dumb, stupid, retarded word.

Again: Here we have the ultimate in contradictions. What the fuck is this word doing in the slogan? The slogan would not be harmed if it was simply "Make America Great" but they include the word "Again" because they want to imply it is not great. Obama has made America 'not great' and Republicans are coming to save the world and make America great again, I guess as 'great' as when Reagan was funding genocidal dictators all through Central America. I get it. BUT WHY ARE ALL THE SPEAKERS SAYING, "America is the greatest country on earth."????

See, you can't have it both ways...America can not be the greatest country on earth, but require some kind of action to make it great again. Do you see the contradiction? If America is great, then it can only be made more great, or to use Walmart vocabulary...greater. "Lets Make America Greater" Now, that is a true white-trash Simpson's slogan. But at least it won't be contradicted when some asshole says America is the greatest country on earth. 
Who needs vocabulary when you have money?

My point is that when no part of a slogan stands up to philosophic scrutiny then what does that say about the people or talking tigers behind the slogan?

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