Friday, July 1, 2016

Modern Pirates

Carlos, on the left, asked me to take a photo of him and his friend Taco. Classic.  I tried to find them again to give them a copy. In an alternate universe they are morning radio talk show hosts.

About 1000 percent humidity at this spanish castle. My pirate costume did nothing to make me feel less hot. I felt like Captain Jack Sparrow could arrive any minute.
I've been fighting a cold for a month now and coughing and sweating and generally dying slowly at the hands of better bacteria. But wandering through Guatemala, regretting my past, mulling the future. My trip is unplanned, but that doesn't mean I am unprepared. There is a fine difference. I got on a bus yesterday thinking it was going one place and learned it was going to Honduras. Wait wait wait, I don't want to go to Honduras. So I had to get off and get a bus back and then wander for a cheap hostel. I've been thinking of a reality show called "Hostel Makeovers" and this developed my a recent experience where I think I slept on the worst mattress in Guatemala and deserved a t-shirt. That made me think of an interesting quest to find the actual worst hostel in guatemala. or maybe find the worst hostel in the world. that would be fun. it is easy to find luxury, but imagine how hard you will have to look to find the worst? and then I thought, well, if I found the worst then maybe I could film the process of making it slightly better. But the fact it is the worst is sort of a source of pride and could be advertised. "Stay in the worst hostel in Guatemala! We dare you!" that type of thing. all these reality shows and I think one in which some people wander around the world improving hostels would work. I mean, try to make them slightly less filthy, keep children away from the dorms, keep lights off when they are directly outside a window, hey, maybe even provide a clean sheet and a mattress that is not a thin veil of cotton drapped over a torturous nest of rusting wire? I don't know. call me crazy. I am sick and coughing blood all over this keyboard so someone else will get sick. Awful.
Built around 1650 to repel Caribbean pirate attacks.

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