Thursday, October 6, 2016

Meet Me At Alamo Mission

Oddly prescient. I am lonesome and down in San Anton' and near the Alamo Mission...

Here is Part 1

The situation is complicated and probably beyond hope. Modern culture means chasing digital carrots to appease Fuckbook algorithm architects. ...

and here is part 2

I haven't gone on a anti-modern culture rant in a while so I thought I'd update my position on cultural decay.
Doc is kind of camera shy...

and here is part 3

I spent  a bunch of time with a man named Doc living on the street in a tarp shelter and observing Sabbath by not eating or speaking on Friday and Saturday and even a monday that he claimed was a 'day of shining rainbows' or something. Doc is a leather worker, like me, and a holy roller, and a philosopher. Living on the street usually means I meet Christians trying to help the down and out or other homeless people. Like Doc said, "Only the cops and thieves bother me, everyone else is minding their damn business." Doc was being followed by the NSA and CIA, 'spooks'. He thought I was a spook too, and maybe I am but have been mentally trained to be a double agent like Jason Bourne. That would be an interesting movie, a homeless lunatic thinks he is being chased by spooks because he is actually being chased by spooks. I guess Jacob's Ladder meets Bourne Identity. Call it Vagrant Bond...or why not Vaga-Bond. Screenplay available on request. All inquiries can go through my Agent, Doc, who lives on the streets of Texas in a tarp hut.

I swear I tried to get a video interview but it proved impossible. I'll share Doc's philosophy eventually but if you want to see his source of information go to I told him, "I have enough voices in my head right now. I don't want Alex fucking Jones in my head too. My brain has a 'No Vacancy' sign." Doc laughed and said, "I know what you mean, but hellfire is coming...."

Some things I wanted to add:
CNN is obviously an Apple Inc. surrogate.
Cell phone technology and interface is even more baffling than their rate plans.
If you attempt to explain or rationalize insanity in order to help a mentally ill person conform to ridiculous rules, then I think that YOU are as mentally ill as the person you are trying to help.
Misinformation will overwhelm any democracy.
I loathe myself for being a pundit with empty criticisms of a culture.

*Even my research into the details of my cell phone plan was not enough to make a mistake while describing the plan. $10 does not buy you $7 worth of minutes and one month of service. no. $10 actually buys you $1 worth of calls or ten minutes. Plus 3 months of service at $3 a month, which is $9, and comes with 30 minutes of calls each 30+30+30+10=100 minutes. But your $10 is not purchasing 100 minutes over three months because technically you are only purchasing $1 worth of minutes plus 3 months of service. If you use all the 100 minutes in the first month then there will be no 2nd or 3rd month of service unless you refill the account balance. So it is not only deceptive and confusing but not even accurate. You get 100 minutes which can technically last no longer than 3 months, if you only make 33 minutes of calls a month, but in reality will probably not even last you three weeks.

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