Sunday, October 9, 2016

Things Doc Sends Me

I hung out with Doc in Texas in October 2016. He lived in a tarp hut that he pulled in his trailer on a bicycle. the bicycle motor was having problems and I almost let it go since I'm seldom in a situation where I can help anyone, but I am curious about those motors so I asked if he needed some help. And we cleaned the carburetor and it was ok, then we took the clutch apart and not only were the friction pads worn down to absolutely nothing, but one of the springs had broken and embedded into the clutch bell, so it had only 2 of the 3 clutch pads and the remaining two were worn out. Well, it was a surprise it ran at all. And he ordered a new clutch pad assembly...and then we dug into the transmission after the whole mechanism stopped turning and found that the two roller bearings on the clutch bell had worn out completely and all the bearing balls had fallen out after the retainer ring crumbled. This was caused by back pressure from the drive belt that can't really be adjusted.

I had dreams of a reality show where I go around the country helping people who live in their vans get the thing fixed up so they can drive again, doing it all in parking lots, on the side of roads, in snow, getting to know the owners in their own habitat, and fixing my van in the process too. It would be interesting, but of course no network has contacted me yet so this is the next best thing....

On this page, from now on, I will be posting everything that Doc sends me. I gave him my phone and email on honest premises of helping him, but now I realize he will be sending me videos and texts that are 'too important' for me to ignore. Doc was 'messed up in the head' by a few concussions and maybe an inability to ignore the truth. Who knows? He also seemed to have episodes of intense crisis and very low tolerance for stress or authority. At one point the library was closing and we were outside arguing with a bike parts salesman. The library employee said Doc should come get his computer. I was on the phone with the bike parts salesman because Doc is mostly deaf. Doc had a meltdown at the number of complications that were coming at him, a total meltdown. "Doggon-it, Jesus!, Why? Why Lord! I gotta go in there before they hack into my computer and burn down Jesus!" He yelled at the sky. Maybe he is bipolar and didn't take medication but I am reluctant to label non-conformists as chemically imbalanced when I know that conformity is even worse. He also didn't eat because he was poor and his SS check was something like $180 a month because he never worked on official books his whole life and now he is 67 and riding a broken bicycle and sleeping with rats near the river.

I will post his texts and emails and give a little analysis. For instance...

Doc and The Fox
This is the story of Doc's encounter with a Fox. I did not get a video or recording of his story but I will try to include his gestures as Doc told this story in front of the library in the blazing heat.

I forget exactly what brought on this story. We were talking about rabid animals we'd encountered, killing rats that attacked us. I remarked that I was once kept awake all night in a homeless shelter by hoards of angry rats who had to be fought off with a walking staff for hours. I would wack at one running over my legs and then turn and catch another in the air as it flung itself at my head screaming. It was constant attacks and throwing rats and kicking them and punching them as they clawed through the filthy damp clothes piled near the reeking plastic shit house. This was the infamous River Street Shelter in Santa Cruz, the setting of many of my desperate anecdotes. The rat episode ranks very low on my tales because the human drama was more horrifying. 

Well, Doc said that one time he was living in the woods and a Fox came at him in the night. He could smell it, and in the pitch black he fought with this rabid fox near his campsite. 

"The fox, see, had rabies and lockjaw. The Spirit told me. See? The Spirit of the Fox told me he had lockjaw and was trying to commit suicide, I knew it, and it didn't know how to commit suicide so it was looking to attack me to make me kill it or help it, one or the other. So I could only see the Fox by the light of the moon out in the prairie near San Angelo. And the fox would come running and I had a stick because I was crippled at the time, and would strike out and bash it in the ass or the legs. It was fast! But it kept racing all night long trying to get in at me and claw my feet but I didn't give up and kept beating it back. I knew it was rabid and one scratch would kill me."

Doc demonstrated how he fought the fox by making swipes at an invisible fox as though he were mowing tall weeds with a long imaginary scythe.

Breathless, Doc continued, "Finally, I asked it, mentally, with my spirit, 'Why? Why are yew doing this? Yew are goin' t' make me kill yew' And that's when the spirit of the fox told me it had lockjaw and was trying to commit suicide. And I knew that was true because it was trying to open a bag of flour, that I used to make prairie cakes, but the fox could not open his jaws and could only claw at it. It was starving to death and needed someone to kill it. And it finally came at me again, determined to die, and I took that big branch and caught it upside the head and I hurt it. And it moaned with the spirit of the devil. And then I pounced on it with holy rage and I beat the life out of that fox.

Doc demonstrated with downward swinging motions of the imaginary branch as he beat the phantom fox to death. I gave him room and nodded with satisfaction. "Yes, good, you killed the rabid suicidal fox.

Doc finished, "...and then...then I burned the body of the fox in a huge mesquite fire and prayed on my knees, and then got out of there because I didn't want to get rabies."

It was quite a performance, better than anything on television, sweaty, both of us hungry, homeless, hunted, timeless tale of a hunt...a beginning, a middle, and an end.

He then went on to extol the virtues of Osama Bin Laden and I said, "You and me have to be the only two white men in Texas who think Bin Laden was not a total lunatic, but maybe you want to keep your voice down? heh heh. (nervous laugh)"

Anyway, this single page will be where I post items Doc sends me in the future. As I said, he has periods of mental crisis where he goes off the rail and periods of lucidity, which is pretty much like everyone. But he has problems: For instance, he can not contact the welfare office in order to get food stamps because he believes they are government spooks. He has a fake address because his SS check must be sent to a place that is real. He takes all his money out of the bank, (all $180 a month) and hides it, but he forgets where he put it. He takes his money out because he can not figure out how to access his bank account info online, and believes 'Agents' are hacking his computer to change his password. Since he doesn't know how much digital currency he has he takes it all out so he has it in cash, then loses it.

I guess Welfare have an issue helping homeless old people. And the suggestion that he try to fix this food stamp problem led to an explanation of the New World Order and something like "There were 7 heads of the Hydra, see, Seven, and we've seen only 6 from back in the Nazi days. And there will be one more head of the hydra, in the form of Hillary Clinton, and that's when the world will end, because we are teaching our children to be faggots! All of this," Doc said with a sweeping gesture toward my van and the Stripes gas station, "Will be destroyed, obliterated! On the 31st of December. You'll see. The collapse is coming and you need to spend 1 hour on your knees because it is coming!" 

At that moment a smiling Mennonite girl walked up and handed us two small cream cheese pies. "What a pretty Sunday dress!" remarked Doc as I stuffed the pie in my bewhiskered mouth. Part of me predicted Doc to attack me with a hatchet so I never completely turned my back on him, but part of me trusted him.

Doc and I didn't spend much time together, but the time was rich with anecdotes. A man gave us a bag of apples while we were inspecting Doc's motor. The man left and Doc took a bit out of one of the apples. It was completely rotten, black, liquid form. Doc spit it out and threw the bag of apples into the library lawn and started to rant how Mexicans were 'deceivers' and 'enemies' and did this to him 'all the time', giving him presents. Then he could not find his belt knife and accused the Apple Man of stealing it while distracting us with the apples. The whole time I was collecting the rotten apples and distributing them over the lawn like sewing seeds as Doc ranted and swore at the demons in the sky. Later he realized he had pawned his knife...and had his other pocket tool in a different pocket. There was never a dull moment with Doc* but the world is not ready for an 'Oggy and Doc: Gypsy Companions' reality show. Perhaps it never will be.

I sincerely wanted to help his bicycle problem but destiny forced me to leave him behind so all I have are his periodic texts such as "Get a job at the feed store and visit with me a while." and these links to conspiracy and wingnut videos** on the internet. I share them with the public because maybe Doc has an answer for others and maybe not, but I think his opinion or his expression and personality should be preserved. At least I think I can curate Doc's thoughts so they are slightly less insane. The Fox killing anecdote, for example, might be a parable for some divine wisdom I have not embraced yet. Was Doc killing a rabid fox? Or was the 'Fox' a symbol of ignorant pundits coming to manipulate Doc (or humanity) and Doc was the guard at the gates? I don't know.

On this page I honor Doc in all his fag-hating, Jesus loving glory. He is a warrior, a fox killer, a homeless vagabond and a leather worker. He is Doc. If someone wants to start a campaign to help him like I see these campaigns raise money for homeless people I would caution you that money is not the root of Doc's problems. Would money help him? I'm not so sure anymore. Would money hurt him? Maybe. Doc said that he destroyed his last cell phone because 'it became an enemy' so I predict he will lose or destroy his latest phone and thus lose my phone number. (a few days after I wrote that he texted me, "I found the water faucet at the park." I texted him back that I had found it leaking and impossible to turn on so I used a hose on the faucet of the bathroom sink to siphon water into a bucket for my shower. He texted back: "Someone stole my computer. I got my money's worth out of it. God is cruel to my enemies.") And eventually he will forget how to access his email account and lose contact with me completely. He may have some symptoms of Alzheimers or partial memory loss from the concussions. I'm no doctor but he appeared to have multiple personalities and I expect he will all my contact information soon. For instance, a few days after I met him he had a new phone that he said was broken. I helped him navigate the cell phone interface and tried to teach him about speaker option. He had no numbers saved in the phone and I wrote down my phone number. A few days later we were chatting and he asked why I did not respond when he texted me. "Texts? I never got any texts from you."
"It's alright, Oggy, if you don't want to talk to me I'm not offended."
"But, Doc, I never got any texts. Let me see your phone."
I looked at his phone and the only saved number in the contacts list was "Oggy: 202-333-333" Well, this was not even remotely my phone number. I wonder if he is partially blind and mis-entered every digit. Then I was able to look at the sent texts and he indeed had tried to send me text messages thanking me for helping him with the bike and giving him money to eat and buying him lunch at the hospital cafeteria. I never got those texts because he had the wrong phone number. So I deleted that number and personally added my real phone number. Well, think about that: he had only one saved phone number and it was wrong and some random person was getting odd text messages and Doc thought I was ignoring him on purpose. So imagine how it will be when the phone collects other numbers and becomes an enemy. For instance, he said the reason he destroyed his last phone was because it 'had been hacked' and would record his private rants out in the woods and send them to people without his knowledge. He said a friend called him and asked him if he was alright because he had received two insane ranting voice messages that Doc could not remember sending and believed had been sent by the phone after it was hacked by government spooks.

We were eating Barbacoa tacos at the Stripes gas station and Doc asked me, "Do you see that man sitting over there staring at me?"
A man was falling asleep in his coffee at another table.
"He's a government spook and he stares at me like that all the time. One day I got up and sat right down in front of him and said, 'I know who yew are. I know what yew are doing.' And he got up all flustered and ran away. See, I can smell a government spook."
"Ok. How's that taco?"

That's another reason I will post our correspondence; all this will be obliterated soon and I'd like Doc to leave some record of his thoughts and existence.

On 10/9/16 Doc sent me a link to this video:

10/22/16 Doc's computer has been stolen so he can only send me text messages. He sends me this: "British Gen says we technically at war with Russia. Life as We know it over."

10/23/16 Doc writes, "I find this fascinating. God has no beginning no end. That doesn't make sense, reason or logic. But it's real. That means wonderful things are possible for me even if it doesn't make sense." 

10/29/16 Doc writes "As long as you will not speak out against queerdom, then you are just as much the problem as hilary, bill, obama, the bushes, and the globalists.  You need to think hard about this.  As long as you are afraid to say that being queer is hugely wrong and that they should be killed or put out to sea, then you are delivering the little children to them and the devil.  And if you won't protect the little children, then you shouldn't be alive either.  We are stepping off into the Great Tribulation, and God is not going to protect you.  Not Mr. Jones, or Mr. Trump either.  You had better think about this.  And I don't care if you use to be a queer.  Or you got raped when you were a little boy.*  We still have time to quit every evil, if we get the power to do so by spending an hour a day on our knees before God.  Because you won't have the power otherwise."

 10/31/16 doc writes "Please email me my phone #.  Somebody just stole my fucking phone." (he never got the phone back and decided to replace it since 'the FBI' had been calling him posing as IRS collection agents and wasting all his pre-paid phone minutes.) He later writes "Gonna cost me $323.18 for my new engine and tranny.  Gonna eat peanut butter out of dollar tree this month.   It's got molasses in it.  Bought new gerber machete anyway, and Cresent cable cutters.  May not buy the cables this month.  Gonna listen to Alex Jones.  We should be seeing things in huge upheavel within 90 days."

10/31/16 Doc Writes "
The emails are just a distraction.  Whatever the media is playing big is Always a distraction.  What the enemy is really afraid of you focusing on is that they are going to steal the election from Trump who is wining by a land slide, while they get the blacks to burn cities and bring in martial law and you will Never have an american election again.  The will of the people has not really mattered since Nov. 22 1963.  Hence they fought the vietnam war against the will of the people.  They shot down war protestors at Kent State univ. to stop the war protesting just like they do in communist China.  So we really shouldn't be shocked at this runaway renegade traitorist gov. by now.
     Jesus is coming.  With a rod of iron.  After the death of america.  And you will not be raptured out of here or taken to a place of safety unless you belong to the Philadelphia Church of God.  And them, and I, are the Only ones who know what we are talking about."

11/2/16 Doc Writes: I don't understand Black People. Why are they always crying and whining for white people to let them in their lives?  Danny Williams crying and whining because Bill Clinton won't allow him into his life.  If Bill Clinton was my daddy I wouldn't want anyone to know it.  If I'd have been black back in the 50's I wouldn't have wanted to go to the white schools.  Why would you want to force your presence on people who don't want you.  The blacks should have created their own schools & their own businesses.  That's what the white people did.
      When you let black people into your life do they want to conduct themselves with manners and integrity like me?  No.  That would be racist.  They would expect me to stoop down to their level.  To shuck and jive with the morals of a dog.  Oh I know there are some good blacks.  I also know there ain't  many.  White people aren't any good anymore either which is why I stay by myself.  When it comes to integrity, God is the only one who doesn't disappoint me. 

11/12/16 Doc Writes, "Everywhere I look and listen to what they call music, it's evident that Americans are fascinated with and love evil, ugliness, and death.   They are fixing to get more of it than even they can stand."
 Doc bought a replacement motor for his bicycle. The first one was a 3/8'' shaft and he said it was too weak so bought a 1/2'' shaft this time.

He writes 11/12/16 "Ride to live, live to ride.  If you came thru here on a third, and my bike is still running we could biker it somewhere to eat.  Maybe a Johnny Gringo's chicken fried steak, for $8.11 minus a drink.  We could go a long way around to get there."

He writes 11/19/16 "On beyond frightful national clamities now descending on us will come a BLESSING inconceivably greater than the national material birthright we had possessed.  We have to learn that material goods are not the SOURCE of happiness. Our peoples have basic lessons yet to learn.  The true values are spiritual.
      In his proclamation, (Abraham Lincoln), of April 30, 1863,  for a national day of fasting and prayer, he said:  " It is the duty of nations, as of men, to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God... and to recognize the sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proved by all history, that those nations, ONLY are blessed whose God is the Lord!"
     Page 156 of  "The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy".
"But today the threat to our fate is a thousand times more seriously hanging in the balance.  And today we do not have a president or a prime minister with the vision, understanding and courage to bring our nations to their knees!"  same book,  Page 157. 
      Yes you can escape the Great Tribulation, but it's not anything like Tim Lahaye, (from the left behind books),  told you, but I don't feel like typing it in here.  Just get this book and read it.  and obey it.  It's free!  From the Philadelphia Church of God.
      When you see people begging you to kill them because they are in great pain and their faces are horribly melted by a nuclear blast, or parents eating their babies because they are tired of starving, THEN you will see the seriousness of this, and wish you had seen it sooner.

11/19/16 he sends a link to a video...

"I saw you today drive up in the Uvalde, parking lot in a huge camper bus.  You went into the rest room.  Looking very lonely. 
     I thought you would come and say hello but when I thought of you again you were gone."

I told Doc that I was 2000 miles from Uvalde so it wasn't me. I asked him how his motorized bicycle was doing.

"It died for the last time between Bandera and Boerne.  Incicidentally Boerne is the only place in the world where their delivery vans are made by Mercerdez Benz.  Big vans like yours in case you decide to buy another van.
     I bought a huffy mountain bike in Boerne for $99.  It's a hundred miles from there to Uvalde.  My butt is sore. 
Won't get another motorized bike until the Eternal gives me $1500 to build one with a Honda engine and an American made tranny.  I would really rather have that than an 883 sportster.  And I love them. But I love motorized bicycles on those Huffy beach cruiser frames.  And you can fix them up with things like an American made sprocket and sprocket adapter and some really nice American made cranks.
      My trailer died too.  Wheels fell off.  Too many fast trips up a very tall hill with rocky road.  Propane bottle, or 4 gallons of water, with it bouncing up in the air.  Knocked the bearings out.  Gonna get a new one this next month.  Hopefully I'll get a side of 6oz. tan colored cowhide the next month.  That's all I live for.  Learning new braiding knots and wanting to make bicycle saddle bags and things."

2/17/17  "

What was on Abraham's mind, or Charles Goodnight when he invented ranching in the panhandle when there was nothing there but him and the Commanch. They were motivated by the vision of God's Family being complete.  They lived for the time when God's Government and throne would spread thruout the universe.  What a breathtaking vision.!"  Jeremiah was put in prison and was about to die of hunger.  There was no more bread left in Jerusalem.  That is ONLY a type of the famine that is about to strike in three nations of Israel:  Manasseh,(America), Ephraim(Britain), and Judah(called Israel today).  1/3 of Americans will STARVE TO DEATH!


2/25/17- What is the plan of salvation? Do you know?  Probably not.  It's in the meaning of the 7 Annual Festivals God commands us to keep.  That were kept by Jesus and every Christian in the Bible. Not the evil sun worshipping, satan  worshipping,  holidays.  Such as christmas and easter.    The Holy Festivals will be kept thruout eternity to never let us forget what God did and what they mean for us.

3/17-4/17 - For a solid month Doc has been sending me links to videos from Infowars related to a vast network of Pedo--le rings. This is disturbing from so many angles that I don't want to write about it. At some point American society morphed into something that is almost 100% something that I would recommend avoiding. Every aspect of society is poisoned and Doc is fixating on one disease after another and sending me these links.

4/21/17 - Doc sends me this uplifting message: "How convenient.    Another war to keep us from doing things that need to be done here.  Like sending hillarry and bill to jail and a whole host of others, like Obama , and the bush's and the pedophile rings and the cia's drug trafficking and the banks that launder their money.  Oh no we all got to get gung ho for protecting us from another bad guy that is threatening us.  Probably the cia is sitting over there with him saying, "Oh threaten us some more.  We need to get there attention changed."   With trump it's now the same o same o shit.  If ya'll can't see that if we can't really drain the swamp then we're better off nuked anyway.  I've lived with this shit for 67 years and I wish we had been nuked the day before I was born!  And if you don't agree with every thing I just said then you're no better off than the rest of the fools.  And babies are still being tortured."

6/27/17- Doc has been sending me more and more insane messages and they are too many to read or comprehend and I am busy working so I've neglected to update this page. But I will share what I consider the most insane email I have ever received. It is so insane that I will try to make it into a country song. It's perfect. It's so perfect it's almost fake but I could not write a letter this insane and try to be fake. In a million years I would not write  his first long, effortless sentence.

"I'm in a dairy queen doing a bible study and I look up to see a woman sitting in a small booth with her son and daughter jacking off, while a man who's wife is at the counter buying hamburgers is standing in the isle talking to her while he jack's off.  I'm not exaggerating.  They were very energetically jacking themselves off while they talked about who knows what. 
    I can't go anywhere, h.e.b., the library, convenient store where there is not at least one somebody staring at me and playing with themselves.  This is America.  Why would you want to save a bunch of sick freaks like this?  God doesn't even want to.  Not at least until He has first seen them destroy themselves in a nuclear holocaust. 
     For your kids?  They're better off dead.  Those are not just words.  We are ALL better off dead.  So, Mr. Jones stop worrying about your kids.  They will die and they will wake up in a better world.  Garauntee it.   God garauntees it!"

This one, from 8/3/17, is classic Doc. We were hunted by the police every minute during our short time together in Texas. It was like we were the lowest scum in Texas so I understand his disdain:

"why cops spend so much time  harassing homeless men.  Spend so much time creating crimes for them to be in, so they can arrest them.  Aren't they responsible for the billions of dollars a year in drug trafficking that is laundered thru the banks and charity organizations?  Huh?  Don't the homeless men run the pedophile rings for the rich and powerful, that pay $100,000, or $500,000 to rape a 5 year old baby to death?  Don't the homeless men run those clubs.  And forget about the fact that there has NEVER, EVER, NEVER, been a mass murderer that was homeless.  Who knows?  Maybe someday one will be.  Bundy had a car and went around murdering homeless people.  Teenagers murder them for initiation into gangs.  And cops harass them while pretending they are in a hero cop movie."

Subject: Have come to conclusion
that a good many and I do mean a good many mexicans are muderous pigs.  I've been hit by I don't know how many people while riding a bicycle, ONLY  the mexicans keep on going.  That is a murderous pig.  My daddy was robbed and murdered by mexicans.  They ran over him with his own truck.  The otopsy said he was grotesqly mangled.  That is a murderous pig.  I've been hit by too mexican while riding a bike.  They both kept on going.  No, white people don't do that.  That is a murderous pig!

Sent: Saturday, August 12, 2017 10:56 AMSubject: Talk, talk, talk
     When you've got the leader of a nation threatening to destroy your nation, you don't solve a thing by saying one single word.  You just kill them.  Problem solved.  If they were reasonable men that you could reason with then they wouldn't be doing what they are doing.
      Everybody should have learned forever how to deal with murderers and thieves by watching Ranger Captains Jack Hays and Mac Nelley.  They went down to the Nueces strip and just literally slaughtered outlaws until they stopped coming across the border.  Then and only then could people live fruitful and peaceful lives as farmers, ranchers, and store keepers.
     There are only two leaders in the world that are really psycho enough to want war.  Korea, and Iran.   Nobody else wants war.  So.  You just kill those two guys.   We have technology and spies all over the world now that we can kill any individual we want to.  We can poison them.  Run them down with a car or truck.  Put plutonium in their coffee,  Or get the Navy seals to fire a smart missle to get them wherever they are because we know where they are all the time.
      Ben Laden had been dead for 10 years before Obama claimed to have killed him.  Killed him with a smart missle while he was in a cave in Aphganistan.   That's why there was no body and why they murdered Seal Team 6, so that they couldn't tell the truth.
      But we don't have a leader who will do what needs to be done like Ranger Hays, and Ranger Mac Nelley and that's exactly why this country will be destroyed.  Because God is sick of this country that has become nothing but a freak tent at a carnival.  And no place to raise children.

Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2017 10:49 AM
Subject: American Coward, or Israelite?

     I'm an Israelite.  Americans have allowed the globalist run communists run the white house, our education ,our military since 1963.  They forced us to fight a war we didn't want to fight and now have made most of you like it.  They now run every aspect of our society. 
     Home land security runs your local police now.  And if you're not dumb enough to watch and let them fill your head with the false reality they give you on television, then they have more than enough money to follow you around harrassing you until you get angry and then have the local police, (who are dumb enough to think they are heroes they watch in movies), come and arresst you for getting angry at a bunch of pukes and witches that get middle class paychecks for being pukes and witches.
      Two years at the most, and I will be able to watch my tormentors burn. 

Sent: Friday, December 13, 2013 8:36 PM
Subject: Christ's Birthday:

Jesus doesn't want you to know when His Birthday is, because He doesn't want you celebrating it.  The people of God have never ever celebrated birthdays.  They might celebrate someone's death or honor it, if it was a notable person.  Like Jesus.  you can find out when passover was and is, and that is when He was crucified, on that very day,  and it's not on good friday like the lying catholics tell you.  Jesus was in the grave 3days and nights, and rose on the first day of the week.  Sunday.  So, He was crucified on wednesday, not good friday.
     Christmas is no more real than santy claus.  The catholics took nimrod's day of the sun, and put Christ's birthday on it, to get the sun worshippers in the church. 
     God condemed the decorating of the tree hundreds of years before Christ was born.  In Jeremiah 10.  Look it up.   300 years after Christ was ressurected the catholics came up with christmas.

Editor's Note: Doc appears to be getting manic.

Sent: Tuesday, December 5, 2017 10:39 AM
Subject: Marines storm C.I.A. Headquarters!

       And mainstream news said nothing!  So when you eventually find our about this you should be able to discern that your television  is worse than worthless.  The news is all lies and propaganda, and the sitcomes just fill you with sick queerdom.
     6 huge marine helicopters landed at langley, virginia, and stormed the cia headquarters.  They've got 5000 indictments coming down on state dept. pedophile rings, the clintons, the bushes,  they have a list of every one involved with orchestrating 911, including the bushes, and they are not going to let the cia shred documents and destroy hard drives.  
      This is the biggest news in this country since 1776 and the mainstream news is saying nothing.

*Actually, since Doc observed Sabbath on Friday and Saturday by not working on his bike or telling stories, those days were kind of dull. *
* I probably won't watch any of the videos.
*Oggy was not raped as a little boy.
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