Sunday, December 25, 2016


Not much is written about Coronado, the Conquistador who went insane and thought there were 7 cities of Gold in the deserts north of what would become Mexico around the year 1540 and so Coronado hunted for two years with 5000 sheep and 100+ equally crazy men in the hinterlands of the deserted South-west north America looking for gold. Gold exists, but not cities of gold. Mostly he found humble Indians living in cliffs, so naturally he killed everything in his path.

Well, this is his memorial...
Winter is chasing Senor Oggy as far south as the International Border where drones oversee the slave camps building the Great Wall of Trump's Ego.

There is a limestone cave here but I forgot my flashlight so this is as far as I could go.

kind of rare to have a random Conquistador on a billboard next to a van named El Conquistador

I don't cast quite the same shadow as Coronado but we all do our best.

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