Friday, December 9, 2016

Notes while watching Hannity

Loathsome. A Mouth of shit. Fox is vile beyond repair. Hopelessly bereft of humility, poisonous. foul. Opiod induced constipation. Diabetic nerve damage. Selling blood glucose strips on black market. Repugnant. No cure for this level of evil. No hope.
one of the sleaziest propagandist alive

Fox News sounds like this, "Americansarebeingliedtobydeludedcronydemocratswhostealtheirchildrenandrapetheirdaughterswhileinvestinghugesums-inoverseasdrugoperationsandthecountryisgettingreadyforcollegefootballplayoffsandwon'thatbefuntoeatbbqribsonacolddayinmichigan-


It's blatant emotional and psychological manipulation of the grossest kind. Bread and Circus. Bleed them with absurd slander and boogeyman theories and then placate them with products and games and cleavage. So disgusting and irresponsible. It's actually a great example of the failure of free speech. As long as emotional and psychological manipulation with genocide rhetoric is considered appropriate programming for a restaurant then we are all fucked. Democracy can only operate when everyone is informed and everyone is sober and everyone votes. So, America strikes out on all three of those points. No one is informed. Politicians dodge every tangible fact or speak in speculative vague language. Most people are not sober. And more eligible voters neglected to vote than those who actually voted this last election. If these eligible-but-deferring voters had voted for Donald Duck for president then we would have a talking animated cartoon as commander. So, we do not have a democracy and Fox News is partly responsible for spewing filth 24 hours a day and making people think there is no point in participating in a foul game. There is simply no point in contributing to a country that ignores the criminal abuse that Fox shovels down their throat all day. It's a nation of maggots feeding of rotting flesh and there is no point in spraying deodorizer. 

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