Thursday, June 1, 2017


A tour down the Venice boardwalk was interesting. The best two guerrilla art slogans I saw were "Uninstall Snapshat from Venice" which inspired me not to take a photo of it. And also, "Does Heaven have a Venice?" I don't know how to respond to that one.

The t-shirt slogans are still pretty stupid. Booty shorts and tank tops ("I flexed and the sleeves fell off"). So I decided to do my own t-shirt slogan with the above image that I created from a fake message generator. FYI: Salvia is an evil drug that is sold to everyone on the boardwalk. I've heard it is basically a heavy dose of glue fumes mixed with hallucinogens. "I exploded out of my brain and shot up into space..." was how one person described the effects of smoking Salvia. "Best trip of my life." said another. "It's hard to describe. I cowered in a corner and they had to call the paramedics because I was trying to protect myself from floating demons..." said another user. Some people have good things to say about it but I thought it is an amusing topic and used it for my fake chat image. When I start designing t-shirts again I will include this one. Don't steal it! hahaha. Venice locals will recognize the pizza joint that is tha bomb!
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