Friday, November 21, 2008

Rock Bottom

It's not often you get to video tape yourself hitting rock bottom. But here it is.
Stoned on some yerba mate enhanced medicinal tea (doctor's orders) I was out on the town, having a good time, laughing it up, on top of the world, feeling good. Bulletproof. Then the shit storm hit and the cops came in numbers too large to count. It's a war for territory and they had all the guns. So they stormed in to take back the land. But just imagine the scene of terror when the helicopters and alarms and megaphones "All Jews are hereby ordered onto the streets. Bring your belongings!" Knowing that the belongings would end up in piles. That is what happened on the night of November 19th 2008. Crystalnacht II. Except everyone was stoned or drunk or stumbling schizophrenics. A circus of insanity. The cackling homeless could be heard in the shadows. The crazed veterans fled like roaches.
We were all pushed into our broken down vans. Some abandoned their belongings for the street. Some vans were towed away. I thought I should just give up and accept my fate since driving in my condition was insane. But the police of Santa monica brought it on themselves. So I tried to move two vans in a few minutes while fumbling with my keys and my bicycle and jump starting another van and dropping change all in the spotlight of the police helicopter. Probably funny to watch but believe me my heart was racing and I was certain the club would come down at any minute.
It was awful. This is the video of a man on the ledge.

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