Saturday, December 20, 2008

purpose driven lives

took a trip to some commercial centers. It was awful but it helped me define my objections to the state of our culture. Some people lead lives drive solely by marketing. either they are marketers marketing to others or they are marketing influenced consumers. this is dishonest because it is disconnected to a purpose. there is no purpose. it is RE-actionary. you react to marketing or you react to what the market can be influenced to buy. It has not purpose and is circular and pointless. It's like packaging plastic bags in a plastic bag to sell at a plastic bag store so someone can put his plastic bags in another plastic bag on his way to the plastic bag manufacturing plant. where the fuck does it end? It never ends. More Dove deodorant to wear on your way to the Dove deodorant plant where everyone is trying to figure out how to sell Dove deoderant to people on their way to the Dove deodorant plant. does anyone know what they are doing ? does anyone choose what they are doing or do they simply react to the petty whims of the moment?
Some people aspire to be as pointless and purposeless as Americans. DON'T!

These are all marketing vehicles. The man in the van does not promote any of these crappy products. The man in the van was at Costco and he bought an apple pie. Just give more apple pies. They didn't make those in China. That's for damn sure. In fact the apple pie was the only American made item in all of Costco. Pretty prophetic.

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