Sunday, December 28, 2008

Re: Job Possibility

They should get someone with care-giver experience and who wants a long term agreement, not a fly-by-night gypsy like myself.
With the number of musical instruments I plan on getting for my next apartment I think I should live alone. Or do you want to live beneath a full acoustic drum kit?
My Christmas flu came right on time, reminding me why I planned on getting out of here before Christmas. I could blame my living situation but these germs found me for the last 5 years no matter where I lived. But sleeping in a refrigerator and working in a garden shed just makes the illness more miserable. Then a bike fell off the bike stand onto my big toe. 4 days left but I don't know if I'll make it. The conditions at Target are so unnatural I can't begin to describe them. To be surrounded by walls of junk thirty or forty feet high is unsettling. It's all brand new but reeks of junk. It's controlled chaos every day of the year. Target is very lucky for immigrants who will take $8 an hour to deal with that mayhem every day. It's a job that shouldn't be done but it's in high demand. I guess I'm the exception to question the conditions. And Impact really pulled a fast one when they got their workers to do their own accounting paperwork, drive their own cars, keep their own time, file their own orders, fax everything, in addition to the job of assembling furniture and bikes. If one thing goes wrong, guess who loses money? The key is keeping the employees separate and isolated. Don't let them organize. In other states the employee even has to rent the tools. Ha! Who said sharecropping was dead?
I plan to do the absolute minimum this week. No working class hero here.
All for now.
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