Saturday, January 3, 2009


That's the Ford part number for a hood latch on an Explorer.
I learned that today as part of my ongoing project to chase my dream. Yes, the very day I quit my job assembling bikes my temp agency, the temp agency I haven't heard from in 3 months, calls and asks me if I want to work today.
I figure this is just Karma telling me that I was born to be pharaoh's slave and I should just adjust.
The best thing about Temp agency jobs is that as soon as I walk out the door at the end of the day I mutter to myself "I quit this shit eating job. I wouldn't come back here for a million dollars."
No one can hear me, and in fact my assignment has already ended (and deeply regretted by all parties) but still it is satisfying.
The pharaoh's slave didn't have that option. to quit. to say fuck this to the Pharaoh. But the man in the van does have this option and he will exercise it often. Get another monkey to count your door handles and gaskets and 75W150 gear oil containers. No me. Not this man.

Of course I didn't know that was where I was going when I accepted the job. I just took it on spec because that's the kind of guy I am. Maybe I'll count beans and maybe I'll move boxes. A beggar can't choose, but he can quit.
So it turned out to be Carma...not Karma that brought me back to work for one day at the Santa Monica Ford Dealership.
NOW I'm ready to start chasing the dream.* This time I'm serious.

The video upload function has had some issues and I've got a good video review of The day The Earth Stood Still in my archives. I'm not sure it will ever make it live. Maybe I've reached the limit of videos or maybe this internet connection is so tainted by porn that it is useless. Who knows? Don't see that movie unless you like pandering over budget bullshit with "lessons" stuck in the middle of a perfectly average movie. awful!

*The dream looks something like this

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