Thursday, January 8, 2009

Constance Collier

Standing in line at the Pantages theater waiting for tickets to see Wicked I was in between the hollywood blvd stars of Constance Collier, Karl Malden and Jackie Gleason.
Malden, I had to call my buddy George who reminded me that he was opposite Mike douglas in Streets of San Francisco. He also played The Gentleman Caller in A streetcar named desire. Right? The guy who said, "I knew you were old, but I didn't know you were this old." after he pushes Blanche under the torn paper mache light shade. Wait, the gentleman caller was in another Tennessee Williams play, the glass menagerie. It's all too confusing!
Gleason, of course, is everyman, Ralph Kramden, in the Honeymoners *(which was actually started as a sketch in the Jackie Gleason show and then later expanded to its own series.) and also a great pool player in The Hustler.. But Constance Collier

is a different story. we'd never heard of her. which is no surprise considering she mainly acted on the stage, during the silent film era. So you either heard her in person or you didn't hear her at all.

There were no tickets available to Wicked so the trip to the Wood was only a trip into Nostalgia zone. A bit of trivia though, Hollywood got its name when the a couple of pioneers in 1890, owners of a ranch located at the foot of the mountains, split the ranch in half. there were two dirt roads on the ranch. The one going east west they called Hollywood Blvd. The one going north south they called Vine. That's where the Pantages is. and that's where Constance Collier's star sits.

The picture above was taken just weeks before the crack cocaine epidemic of 1888. If you look closely you can see the hookers and pimps and tattoo shops hiding in the trees, waiting for their chance to turn hollywood into this:

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