Tuesday, January 13, 2009


this old IBM laptop computer has finally played its last porn clip. So the man in the van will soon be signing off this blog. I wanted to unplug this year anyway. No more wires and digital communication and batteries. It's gotten completely crazy. So if I find another laptop then I'll post some more but I won't be looking. What more could I say anyway? Oh look at the ocean. look at the Mexican people. boring.
I don't foresee myself riding a moped to an internet cafe so I can post about riding a moped to an internet cafe. that makes no sense. there is no internet connectivity on remote beaches in Baja. and no power.
better to just live day to day and no more virtual history that only gets mocked to begin with.
and no one should be wasting their time looking at these rants either. I mean really. You have to be ashamed of yourself to watch these inane rants. Or you have to be like Eddie and have a job that pays you to be unproductive...in which case you should still be ashamed of yourself. look at the state of America. we're a third world nation...we're slaves to so many different Ponzi schemes, the biggest one is called social security...but who cares as long as the fake pay checks still cash out? California is flat broke but proudly still feeds prisoners with food that even the richest governor can't actually afford...because his money doesn't exist. Instead of wasting your time looking at the internet go read Atlas Shrugged. What is money really worth? What does it actually represent? Go find out something useful that will do your kids some good in 2050. Go learn a skill like farming. Don't believe anyone with a rolex on. Believe a man with dirt under his nails. Or learn to believe in yourself. Be self reliant.
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