Tuesday, January 13, 2009

top things I lost

Part One: The Coat

Part Two: The Backpack

one thing I neglect to mention is where I got the backpack. This is supposed to tell the tale from the beginning to the end and you don't get an idea of where I bought it to begin with. The short story is that I was training to ride across the country by bicycling to Concord from portsmouth. Like 45 miles there and 45 miles back. in one day. and on one of those trips I kept passing an army surplus store on the concord turnpike. Finally I stopped and looked around and found this backpack. I think I bought it the first time I saw it because I knew I would have to be able to roll the back up and put it on my bike rack. It worked very good and went from Portsmouth, into Canada, across canada, back into the U.P. of Michgan and into the mid west and actually went into the black hills of South Dakota with me, off the bike and on a foot hike up the highest peak in South Dakota somewhere near Mt. Rushmore. Then back down and across Wyoming and to Jackson Hole and then on my back to Fairbanks. the rest is as I describe.

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