Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I´m not sure who wrote this tune. But I know I´m pretty dissapointed in the playing. I simply haven´t figured out what to do here. It´s sloppy because I´m still practicing. But I have to post it or else there will be nothing to compare to my next video in a year or so. This is where I am at right now with this song. The only way to know I have improved is by seeing where I came from.

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Anonymous said...

hey bud, let me tell you about the Venados. in Mazatlan. baseball in the winter. The best Bacon hotdogs you have had. beers at the park for 75 cents. jazz in the park for free cause the music school there is worldly.

GET TO THE MAINLAND. It is the same atmosphere as the point. Better.....


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