Monday, August 3, 2009

Just when you thought it couldn´t get weirder...





The notes for this past week are unintelligible, written on the floor of my van, covered in sweat. All I have are these photos taken by the girl with the peace sign mardi gras beads, Genesis, who harmonized along with me singing Bobby McGee and Never Been to Spain. The rest is history. She knows Jimmy Page´s middle name. Her mom "partied with Blondie" Blondie, if you will remember is on display on the top of my van´s ceiling. It is all connecting, my unified theory of the universe, but it concerns gypsies and hunter thompson and a beach called Balandra in La Paz. we hunted clams in the sand and ate them alive. Pelicans crashed into the water. They drank Mezcal from the bottle and I wrote a song called "Ex Stripper Blues"
This is not what I expected when I came to Mexico but now I see that after 7 months of getting exactly this, it is what I can expect from now on. I believe that I need to cry before I can laugh. But that doesn´t mean I can´t laugh a little along the way.


eddie seacoast said...

are they 16 or 17 yo? girl in the pink looks deathly sick.

Anonymous said...

ur an idiot. she looks like a beach girl in mexico is supposed to look like.

Oggy Bleacher said...

A little hard to estimate ages since they "don´t believe in time."
The blonde one is 20 ish. the other one is a year or so younger and yes, dying of alcohol deficiency. And scorpion bites and eating nothing but clams for five months and meth and cocaine and mezcal and beer. Those are her five food groups.
Everyone likes to think they party hard, but these girls took it to the next level, the Janis Joplin stage. But if it wasn´t for rock stars life would be much more boring.

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