Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Email comparison: Part II

another two emails received on the same day...
here's one from an unnamed source.

Hi Mark, Glad to hear you're out of LA for now. It is a crazy place for shure! And you're on your own Odyssey. I'm suppose we all are. You're right - the waitress may call the cops if you speak so finely! Today I met a real charwoman type; I could hardly understand her, but it was fun trying. She had some plants for sale, mate, but not the ones I wanted luv. We'll see tomorrow if she turns up with basil (pronounced bazo) and mint (meent). I'm starting a small garden, the operative word being 'small'. Keep in touch. Drive easy!

And here's one from my buddy Don...gotta love him..

Hey Marco,

I was thinking about that disgusting, perverted fantasy you were telling me about with the little girls in school uniforms and after awhile thought it might be a pretty fun thing to try out.

One of the girls that I see is very petite, very pretty and up for anything so I gave her some money and had her go buy the things we needed. You know, the short little skirt, white blouse, long white socks etc. Then I told her to come back later wearing everything except panties. When she arrived she had her long, dark hair in 2 pony tails, no makeup and after awhile I found that she had shaved her sweet little pussy leaving not a hair. She really got into it and was going all the way. As soon as she got to my house she came over and sat on my lap and pretended she was a little girl. I let her snuggle into my chest and began stroking her legs and feeling her little buds for breasts. Then she reached down and starting playing with my cock. She acted like she had never seen one before and was more or less playing with it like a toy all the while having a very cute and curious little smile on her face.

Needless to say all this went on for quite awhile and getting more and more outrageous. I don't want to shock you with the particulars but you can take my word for it, your fantasy was totally experienced in every concievable way possible.

Just thought you'd like to know.


Just for the record I was at Don's place drinking and talking about our checkered histories and he was telling me about one or a dozen girls (hookers) he was fucking and I was smiling like I usually do and nodding my head and playing guitar. Then he asked me or maybe I just volunteered that because of the catholic schools all around and the uniform that is to my eyes a Schoolgirl hooker uniform with red and black plaid skirt and knee high stockings and a low buttoned white shirt I said, "hell, I don't know a man alive who can look at those girls and not think dirty thoughts. Even the Dali Lama would get a boner."
and let me say for the record that I do not advocate sex with "little girls". No. That just sounds criminal. IT was simply a fantasy I expressed to keep myself in the conversation that was definitely orbiting sex...and I'm a little suspicious that Don pretends he had never had that fantasy before. bullshit! The day I plant some new idea about sex in Don's head is the day he has completely lost his memory. Anyway,
little did I know that my simple comment would lead to getting the details of Don's trial run. (I love how he says he doesn't want to "shock me with the particulars." ha! after my time in mexico he could fuck a donkey in the ass while flying a hot air balloon and I wouldn't be shocked.) That fucker. I don't regret passing up the chance to rent a pair of hookers for $70 and see for myself if the reality lived up to the fantasy. It sounds like it worked for Don but he and I have slightly different views of relationships. I'm sure if I live to Don's age I will be throwing all of my Social Security money at young whores and having them wear all kinds of costumes; why blow my money on them now?...wait...that sounded callous and cold. I mean, there is a time and place for everything, like the bible says.

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