Tuesday, September 8, 2009


A low point or high point depending on how you look at it.
Some other pics violated my photo album terms and conditions so you can't see those yet...

ALl I remember is hearing Jon tell a homeless guy, "I will pay you $5 to piss on your recyclables." and the homeless dude didn't hesitate. "piss all you want. hell yeah."
I was thinking that something had gone horribly wrong with the world.
Then Jon started to piss and many angry screams followed. This wasn't an alley, this was a very busy sidewalk full of labor day revelers. ANd Jon was misbehaving...badly and defending it with violence.
Later in the night Jon offered a man $5 to fight in the street "to the death."
and if you think Jon's girlfriend thought this was all funny, think again. No. IT was all bad.
We ended up next to a fire hydrant, sleeping,waiting for the cops to get off the street.
"What did I do wrong?" asked Jon innocently.
I sighed...
you decide for yourself...

this photo was deleted by request...

If you look very closely you will see that Jon is only wearing socks...
this video was deleted by request




the contents of my pockets:

jon's accounts... I like the "gas? food?" note...

this is how it all began...


Anonymous said...

there's a point where rock bottom loses even the meaning of the words

Anonymous said...

OMG - he's back!!! Where did you find him? Why did you find him? He seems to have deteriorated a bit since his store in Dover - what's Jon doing now? Is he doing anything now? What are you doing? Where are you? When will you be back breathing some nice clean air in NH?

hardworker said...

This was a meeting many years in the making. We have finally matured to where once we end up wrestling in the street or falling down a flight of stairs at an underground thrash party, that we still get up and do some work on a motorcycle and truck.

Yes, once you hit rock bottom and start to wade around in the muck then it is hard to distinguish what could possibly be up. This city is full of so many people at rock bottom that you will be in good company there. You will not be alone.

Jon is doing his own thing, hustling for a buck, breaking concrete. you want to follow his life then go to www.myrobotispregnant.com
that's his story or what he chooses to make public.

As for my arrival in NEw Hampshire it is uncertain. Likely I'll run into some problems on the way. I already have so much to do here that I don't want to leave. And it is freezing cold.

Anonymous said...

Where are you, ET? Call home!

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