Thursday, October 22, 2009

Old Man meets Young Man

So, the trip south involved no christian families although God may have been involved in the gigantic dump I took at a dunkin donuts in Trois Rivieres QUebec. It plugged the toilet and I of course sped away, the phantom shitter.

here's a pic of Oggy manning the cannons.

After finding out that there was no Les Miserable being performed anymore in QUebec City (It closed during the summer) I had some nice Indian food at one of the three Indian restaurants in town. Spent the night in a parking lot. Then traveled south. Crossing the border was effortless although I did panic when the man asked,
"What do you do for a living."
"I sell bibles online." I said.
I hope god forgives this lie.
We had a good chat about my van and he decided not to even look inside although I invited him in for some whiskey.
"Any bombs or guns?"
"No, I didn't stop at those stores."

This reminds me of when I came into Canada and the guy said in his French inflected English
"Do you have any guns, knives, pepper spray, ammunition, or weapons of any kind."
and the way he said it made me say, "Uh, should I have any?"

it was like he was asking if I were prepared to go to Labrador City. I felt as though I was underpowered. The wolves might be more violent than I thought.

Anyway, I stopped off in Littleton for a drink at a main street bar called Billingleys, or something like that, under a hotel, and watched the Angles beat the Yanks in extra innings. The Yanks are the team of destiny in case anyone was wondering. Bet the house on them. I give it my five star pick of the week. The yanks win the world series. then I watched football and read some rock trivia book and listened to three women get drunk on wine. They were talking to chemical engineers (so they said) and I was the only one in costume so I failed to get one back to the van for a tour.

anyway, the cops basically followed my hippie van all around Littleton until I left and drove and I believe I saw a red fox or wolf running across the road and I almost hit it so I decided to stop and pulled into the nearest stop. the next morning I knew I was in the middle of franconia notch.
but where is the old man in the mountain, a landmark I knew from when I was a lad. I took a walk and found a plaque describing the demise of the old man in the mountain. IT collapsed and went from this...
to this...

Actually, I can see a different profile in this new formation. call me crazy but it looks like one of those Easter Island people. I'll get a photo editor and outline it one day but the forehead is the curved part at the top of the cliff. The eye is the part that seems to be jutting out in the direction of the viewer. the nose looks to be where the old forehead used to be. and the mouth is closed. the most prominent feature is the left cheek. there is even an ear. does anyone else see it?
here's the outline that I see. Maybe it is a stretch but you gotta work with what you got.

anyway, my point is that the old man in the mountain as it used to be will be my first stained glass project. I saw some stained glass pieces in littleton and I like it. I think I've got the skills for it and I want to go modern with it. wierd stuff. like my van. in stained glass. why not?

So The man in the van is back on sacred american soil again and here is a picture of the van at Fort Stark, that old fort in New Castle that protected the harbor and river mouth.

Yes, the man in the van is always running against the wind but he has his hat on and is going to keep moving. he can walk on water along with Jesus...


Anonymous said...

welcome home, what about some painting work?

Or are you headed for warmer climes?


Oggy Bleacher said...

if there's a place to do the painting inside then yes. I got some bank stuff to wait for (minor fraud problem at the bank. compromised plastic) then we will get together.

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