Tuesday, November 10, 2009

David the Flowmaster

I'm sitting in the library just reading about the lakes region state college (there are some jobs in Laconia I like) and taking pictures of Teepe Beane across the street as he does some end of the year garden clean up...and who should appear but my beat box buddy. that's crazy! I'm in the back corner. Turns out his name is David> I didn't get if he has a web site, but he should. He was break dancing downtown which is why he is sweating. or I should say doing this dance style called "popping". and flowing (rapping).
what are the odds?
of course we are both wearing the same clothes we were wearing last night.



Tepee is way in the back there...he made a killing off of San Diego last week.

1 comment:

ed said...

david looks like a pretty cool character....wonder if he made any money downtown popping and locking? TP is a midget i think.

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