Saturday, December 12, 2009


I don't want anyone to think I'm getting too serious so here's a sample of today's scores. I actually got 108,140 but the game crashed and had to be unplugged. What, you aren't as stunned as I am?
IN other news Star Castle was unplugged because like an idiot I requested it get repaired. Ha! Their idea of repairing it is to unplug it. It will get repaired right after they realize there is a gigantic wave of people coming down from space who want to play Star Castle. Right! There's another game, Mouse Trap, I think, that has been down for two months because of some glitch. I've sabotaged my own attempt. Hell, there was already dust on the buttons. I'm the only person in New Hampshire playing it.
Well, it gave me a chance to concentrate on Venture and while some advances have been made I think the game itself has limitation. Other than crashing every once in a while the controller is a mess. The arrows pass through the serpents (not snakes). And the difficulty level must be on the absolute highest setting because the trolls dance like the floor is on fire. I can't figure out what deaths are caused by my lack of skill or by the controller. One or two more sessions will decide that. I was rolling and swearing like the old days. I had to laugh because on a Saturday night there were some skiers in there and a few others but really only two or three true gamers. One was focused on Donkey Kong. When he would die he would shout "Fuck!". And at the same time I would get touched by a hall monster and Yell "No no no no no!" and pound the console. Then we looked at each other and you would think we would laugh at ourselves but I pointed to the controller like "Not my fault." and he shook his head in deep sympathy. He and I were both around 40 years old. The we returned to our games. I'd like to say our girlfriends walked by and we said, "Just a minute, baby. Look what level I'm on." but ha! The closest to some pussy I got tonight was the Mrs. Pac Man machine.

I got some chicken fingers to celebrate the completion of some work. I'm almost completely broke and the van needs a new battery but I've got direct deposit and that means I've got enough money to eat. And there is a bluegrass band at the local bar. The black cat. I asked a girl in small press assembly to meet me there. Her accent is so New Hampshire I just love her.
"Me an anothah girl was s'posed tah meet fah lunch, honey. Burgahs and whatnoht. Oooh, look at thaht cah." It's poetry.

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