Monday, December 14, 2009

empty promises

Cyberdyne promised us overtime. See, that's not a bonus to your average joe, but when you are trading in old pesos at the bank then you are at the stage where hours matter and time and a half is the difference between me getting to Guatemala in the spring or in the summer or never.
Well, Cyberdyne pulled that promise back and I'm told to come in at the regular time. 8 hour shifts. no overtime. no saturdays. See, I want saturdays. I need the 57 hour week because a 40 hour week is like enough money to keep me poor. But I'm not going to get it. This week is a 40 hour week and next week is that christian holiday and the week after that is a new year thing. So I get fucked out of 5 overtime days. That shit adds up. Guatemala just dipped back over the horizon. The mood at cyberdyne plummeted despite the flyers advertising christmas meals on Wednesday.

The conversation at the table was rough: paroles, drug counselling, ex wives, missed kids, layoffs, executions, drunk driving. And no overtime. One sample

"You stand up for the star spangled banner. Right? So you should take your hat off."
"Players don't take their hat off. People don't stand up."
"Man, when I was a kid..."

we haven't been around each other long enough to be hateful.

As long as I got one week of work at the regular pay then I can survive. Obviously I'll be broke if I pay rent and can't find work so I will be forced to move south.

The weather is good for skiers. The cold has killed one of my batteries so now it is running on the secondary battery. I poured a gallon of hot water on the windshield today to get to work. The gallon jug had milk in it so now the front of my van is white.

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