Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I was cleaning out the van and found some of the original notes I took at the orientation meeting over at Cyberdyne. remember that job??
I think the writing was on the wall. Can you spot the comments that are out of place? Which of these doesn't belong??

"Safety suggestions
lock out/tag out
industrial accidents
blood borne pathogens
terribly mangled
energy control plan
once premise has been accepted i.e. manufacturing is good, then the ends is justified. tanks of poison become a line in the budget.
medical insurance
worker's comp
incredibly contradictory...smart enough to detail the destruction of earth. We categorize it because we are powerless. like GATTACA or Brave New World.

important Phone numbers
call supervisor if sick
sludge from anodizer
waste narratives
satellite stations
emergency evacuation
Minutae--must be clearly marked and legible. legalese. indelible ink. black. written w/ right hand. if you are left handed then notify the supervisor. enter door. turn right. nod to coworker. put on safety glasses. turn off brain.
smart smart monkeys playing with alien powers. one drops a mysterious box and destroys a city. we learn as we go.
waste stream ID
dress code"

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