Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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A moment of wandering around on the Internet led me to world watch institute.

It's the D.C. think tank that might not kick me out the door when I submit an essay about Hannah Montana's destructive influence.

"Human civilization 'will collapse' unless greed culture is stopped, report warns...

Mr Assadourian added: “Until we recognise that our environmental problems, from climate change to deforestation to species loss, are driven by unsustainable habits, we will not be able to solve the ecological crises that threaten to wash over civilisation. "

Here's a quote from a review of a documentary about food..."Last Supper for Malthus"

But I do want to draw attention to a powerful quotation in the film to draw out consumerism’s role in this crisis. Towards the end of the film, Gary Howe of the International Fund for Agricultural Development says,

“We’re not anywhere near the limits at the moment. That’s nonsense. We are not in that sort of crisis. Humanity is not coming to an end, it’s not the end of the world, and no, you don’t have to go on a diet tomorrow. But it is clear that our systems, which are accelerating consumption, cannot be sustained. Not by agriculture, not by the Earth.”

That is a key point. The global food system won’t crash tomorrow, even if one billion are already starving today. But add a few ill-timed stressors: climate change-driven drought or storms for example, combined with the spread of consumption-accelerating systems in developing countries (such as the intentional stimulation of desire for meat and cars by these industries) and the system “cannot be sustained.” Period."

Now, I feel compelled to point out an inconvenient truth...

While the global crisis may not be present, individuals are in fact in crisis. And if you are starving it isn't much consolation to know that the global food system isn't yet crashing. Give Gary Howe a plate of stale bread for dinner for a few months and, maybe I'm crazy, but I bet he'd be saying there is in fact a crisis. This really is the problem with asking the cow if he thinks it is time for dinner.

These were found at the amusing blog transforming cultures...

Note the proactive language. Transforming. Everyone wants to transform something. Right? My campaign against Hannah Montana is more...defamation and slanderous and destructive. Her image is in fact a violent element in the culture and my goal is to supplant it and replace it with something more like amateur musicals and juggling acts. H.M. is the worst example of board room manufactured culture but that will never be totally understood without my urgent criticism. See, ideas are created by people and with enough money you can spread terrible ideas. But good ideas just need to be stubbornly repeated until the terrible ideas wither.

There's a comparison of the crappy movie Avatar and a documentary called Crude. Avatar is an example of consumerism propaganda that is disguised as anti-consumerism propaganda. The review misses this point and chooses to highlight the chilling similarities between Exxon and Chevron's real life attack on indigenous people in Ecuador and the fraudulent plot of Avatar.

See, you don't need ten foot tall blue aliens to make a story about the importance of nature. That's the nature of a fraud. Distract the people into caring for aliens when ECUADORIANS are being invaded my TEXANS. I guess the action figure market isn't so big for a texan in a cowboy hat gunning down an Ecuadorian child in a rain forest. The body can be dropped in an ink well marked "Oil Sludge". That's one play set that would stay on the shelves of Toys R Us. But the "augmented reality" Avatar toys are probably selling like bananas at a monkey fair.

Maybe the avatar and H.M doll could mate. we could use their offspring to fuel Barbi's SUV. hahha

But it's only a washington dc think tank. they're all loony special interest groups. go back to your play station and this will all soon be a dream.


Anonymous said...

Well done - fantastic connection between a fictional movie and reality, sort of like Three Mile Island and China Syndrome - who needs fiction when we have the reality of "Crude".

Anonymous said...

i kept the 3d glasses and popped the lenses out. now i look really fucking smart.

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