Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The end of an era

I do have money but not in this account. obviously. It was a long long relationship with Wells Fargo. They didn't screw me over too bad until this last month and that was pretty much my fault because I was slow in transferring my finances to a New England bank. Then Wells Fargo literally took my last penny. And I fully expect to call them today to close my checking account and hear of money that I owe them for the service of their taking my last penny.
That's it. But my only credit card is with them so I don't want to burn bridges. The new bank declined my request for a credit card. I wasn't surprised - so my contingency plan is to use my card to purchase granola and canned food and then go into hiding.

It's just an awful feeling to see those zeros. But it had to happen eventually. Now it is time to rebuild the empire. Pick up the pieces. Start from scratch. I love how at the bottom it asks, "Are you ready for retirement?" ha. what the fuck do you think?
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