Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google attempts to read my mind...

After I posted that last rant about ants I saw this box of "Things I might be interested in." They base them off keywords in your post. Ha! The computer thinks I'm dying of the plague and being overrun by fire ants but I want to read my kid a book about wolves. I don't think that's an accurate interpretation of my post. But funny. I sound like a madman! Google is telling me, "Relax, it's just the Black Plague! Read a book about wolves." And it all happens automatically. Creepy.

Organize Health Records
Electronically Manage Your Health Records for Free w/ MS HealthVault

Wolf: The Journey Home
True story of wild wolves. Teens' Top Ten book nominee for 2006.

Get Rid of Fire Ants Fast
All natural liquid garlic juice doused on mound does it.

Black Death Symptoms
Suffering From Black Death? Relax, Get Your Advice Here

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