Thursday, February 11, 2010

Human Programming

Can I just say one more word on human programming? See, I'm not so deluded that I think a person will be born and grow up without any form of brainwashing. Not everyone can be B.F. Skinner's kid. But what I am saying is where is this programming coming from and why is it there? My schools basically loaded on a lot of Pro America rhetoric that has more basis in lie than in truth. The government is only by the people by the broadest definition of people. We're talking about the smallest percentage of people in the world, White, Rich Male. It's crazy to pretend this elite clan is going to do the bidding of everyone. But my social studies teachers seemed to think it was perfectly true. Or maybe they felt that way because I'm white and rich and they were telling the truth. They were just nudging me and saying, "Dude, you're in the club. Don't sweat it."

So, there will be programming. Maybe there should be programming. But if you don't successfully program the subject then you should destroy it. There is no need to have Neo out there messing with your code. So we haven't gone totalitarian yet...or at least we're more subtle. Stalin had kids inform on their parents. Jobs puts Apple technology in every crib...

My point is this, people like Steve Jobs are trying to brainwash everyone. That's fine. Get in line. But why is he doing this? Are his motives pure? Do they correspond to the will of the mob? Or what? Jesus had a good presentation. He just said the creator of Man had sent him with the true path to heaven. He died for our sins, ascended, and if we accept him as our personal savior then we'll get to party also. Motives? They are hidden behind the barbed hook.

Jobs is programming people to buy Apple. Is it any coincidence that the best marketing campaigns have been run by software moguls? Marketing is programming and the best programmers on the planet are Gates and Jobs. They see actions in reverse and can write the command that gets those actions. Am I the only one concerned that a reckless psychopath is programming an entire generation of people?

While programming is a fact of living, this predatory programming is not to be trusted. I'm just seeing America as the rise of the programmer. That's the natural king in a land of free thought. The person who can program people the best will be king. Presidents will use their products, basically avowing their loyalty to one brand or another. This is a Wal-Mart empire with Steve Jobs as emperor. The whole constitution thing is pure smoke and mirrors at this point.

Have you read Naomi Klein's No Logo yet?

See, this is the problem. She's a programmer too and her code made sense to me. Her delivery made a seamless interface with mine. But her code directly conflicts with the code written by Steve Jobs. I mean, they can't exist together. So, I'm not going to pretend I'm free of programming. No. It's just that my programming is not dominant right now so the code war begins. Jobs doesn't spend a lot of time discrediting Naomi Klein but Klein's work exposes some ugly secrets behind the Jobs industry. Jobs is in a position to ignore Klein because his code is an accepted norm.

Lord, as I'm writing this Bob (the diabetic walker dude) fell into the bathtub on his way to the toilet. Diabetes is a bitch, people.

Mary: Is he breathing?
Chris: I don't know.

Gotta help. I will continue my indictment of Steve Jobs after the ambulance leaves. He'd better live because I've got May 20th as his departure date. That's $15 I need bad.

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