Monday, February 1, 2010

highlight of today

Mary finally got a bone chip unstuck from her toothless gums. How awesome is that? I put down some crappy $5 vinyl square floor tiles in her bathroom, fake wood grain, factory seconds because the lines don't match up. Trying to work off my rent. And the whole time Mary is picking in her gums saying, "How can I have a toothache when I don't have any teeth." How indeed. And then she got the bone chip or piece of meat or hard taffy that was bothering her. I felt like my whole life had been a preface to that moment.
Sean was drinking down at Hector's. Tim's unemployment check didn't come in and his knees are acting up. I missed my basketball game because of swollen fingers again. By next week it'll be better but I'll probably be gone by next week. Can't find work here and I've broken both video games. Laconia is played out.


hobo soup said...

can you post some more pictures before you go? I like seeing old new hampshire.

Oggy Bleacher said...

of course

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