Saturday, March 6, 2010

dial up test

I'm catching up with 1995 by using a dial up connection in my house. There are no usable wireless broadband connections in the area and $50 a month is too much. So I opted for the $9 option but the high speed accelerator isn't working so this is the basic version. This is a test of how long it will take to upload a ten second video. Judging by the way the pages load it should be ready to view in about 5 hours. Also, if you call the 3301 number here in Portsmouth then you might get a busy signal. For those of you who have never heard a busy signal it is an annoying throbbing blast from your phone. It means I'm busy watching a page that says "Loading"

I did manage to get the high speed accelerator working but it's still pretty slow. If I can't stream music or porn then really there is no point.

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