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Religious corner

I love doing things differently because I run into the most unusual news items. For instance, only a complete idiot would pay for dial up. Right now, it's a temporary solution so I can post things and search for work at night after the library closes. It is too slow and most web sites are too advanced for 50kbps. So I paid $10 for dial up a month to save myself the trip to the library etc though I didn't mind going to the library but I did get the feeling that they didn't want me there anymore. "Sir, it's time to wake up. Sir, this isn't a photo studio. Sir, please go home. Sir, this police officer will help you downstairs." You know, little hints like that.

SO I'm able to access the internet now because of a service called there are many $10 services. AOL, copper, people, etc. a dozen or so will allow you to call a local number to access the internet through their servers. Anyway, my point is that my choice to do things differently led me to basicisp, which is based in Ohio. Anyone been to Ohio? Well, I've been there and it is just above the bible belt. It's where kids from Missouri dream of going one day. It's the poor man's Illinois and it is a god fearing area that I recommend you all visit one day.
Anyway, basicisp has some forums for info and such. You know, politics, sports and this one called religion corner. Now, I'm going to do a quick comparison of religious related comments found on our Ohio based basicisp "religious corner" forum and craigslist "religion" forum which is based in S.F.

I've been reading quite a lot of right wing bashing on Facebook and who am I to say that's wrong? I will say the methods are unnecessary. Merely, copy and paste actual comments and you will get an idea of what you are dealing with. Most people don't spell check comments so let's forgive their grammar and typos. Look at the priceless content. Here is a verbatim exchange from basic isp...

"When you approve Yoga, you are in fact embracing evil. Anyone can discern that. We don't have to look too far.

When you spout new age doctrine, you are in fact embracing evil.

A person does not have to say, "I am embracing evil now." to be embracing evil.
Did Adolf Hitler say he was embracing evil? Probably not. Was he? Certainly.

Would you like to address the other points of your seeming recommendation?

1) Fear nothing.

2) Embrace evil.

3) Reject nothing.

What does a scripture about turning the other cheek have to do with justifying involvement with Yoga and other blatantly evil things?


Hebrews 13:8 NIV
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Once again as usual,
Your assuming things that you know nothing about.
I will defend anyone against false teaching.
I could care less if Your new age, old age,or fossil age.
I don't care, but when you start teaching that the apostle
Paul should be believed over Jesus, you have gone way to far."

I don't want to take the time to separate the squabble into people. To me, this is either an excellent attempt to mimic my faux Hannah Montana vendetta or else these folks are actually insane. Yoga is blatantly evil??? I'm laughing out loud at this. I love this language. "Anyone can discern that." "When you start teaching that the apostle Paul should be believed over Jesus, you have gone way too far." hahahaha. "Yoga and other blatantly evil things." This is so perfect I'm jealous. You see my competition? In all my essays about Steve Jobs and Hannah Montana, as hard as I tried to embody the right wing rhetoric and absurdity, as hard as I worked at eclipsing the craziness of someone like Mark David Chapman who assassinated John Lennon because he wanted to be known as the guy who assassinated John Lennon, I have failed. Those simple words. "Yoga and other blatantly evil things...." a religious forum no less..."Anyone can discern that." Wow. That's the line I was trying to write. Something like, "We must renounce evils such as hydrogen bombs and Hannah Montana." But this guy beat me to it. I was trying to manufacture lunacy and now I've seen the face of a true lunatic. How will I go on?
I'm humbled by these comments. Truly humbled. I can not compete with that. I thought when I wrote about Hannah Montana as an inflatable fuck doll I had done something original but here I see no, that was just minor league craziness. This person who wrote "Yoga and other blatantly evil things" is a true genius. How many people I know and admire who practice yoga? Many. You might as well say walking or jogging is evil. Not just evil, but blatantly evil. Like, anyone would recognize how it is evil. hahahaha. You'll go to hell if you stretch your hamstring. "Father, forgive me, I committed the sin of deep focused breathing." Priceless. I missed my calling as an apostle.
Anyway, I never in a million years would've visited this Ohio based forum if I hadn't purchased this crappy slow dial up service. So that's one lesson about doing things differently. Now, let's see what we can find on Craigslist...

A 03/06 19:58:20
What a sharing plan of supremacist blasphemy...
To earn points on facts of something written thousands of years ago.Burning crosses in words of hiprocrysy,bigamy,killing in the name of bigomy.Your fantasy is not as deep as me and you will never find peace

b 03/06 19:59:25
Wow, if that rhymed it would have been like beat poetry.

a 03/06 20:03:41
Its not poetry. Its beyond belief-be that in your own way or suffer their fate

b 03/06 20:07:32
Cause the fires of hip hop hipocracy are great.

b 03/06 19:57:16
Do you think that more people today are taking polarized stances with respect to religion? My own theory is that more people are starting to figure out that there either is no god or they better start talking this religion stuff more serious.
In my parents time, I think more people just went to church and they didn't give it much thought.

03/06 19:59:12
I think people are polarized more because people interact more in ways they never before could. Like here, for instance.

I didn't do an exhaustive search of craiglist but I didn't find much rhetoric and few long standing grudge battles. I did find this funny pic in the religion forum.

But these folks aren't really into an exchange of ideas. they are just passing the time while something else happens. They speak in one sentence snarky comments. They are jaded and represent the west coast ethic of "mockery is a form of compliment". They would be the first to admit that changing opinions is a hopeless task but it's still fun to mock.

The person on the basicisp forum really and truly believes yoga is evil and thinks his comments will change opinions on yoga. He has filled the forum with a screed opposed to all things related to yoga to the point the moderator is censoring his posts. The posts are not funny at all. He's really using the bible to smear yoga. I bow to his supreme dedication. This is our country, people. I'm not the craziest guy on the block. That would go to the yoga hater. I dedicate this post to you and basicisp for allowing me access to your miserably slow internet. It just kicked me off for no reason but after two redials it reconnected. Amen!

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