Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Steak Bomb

I made the mistake of eating a steak bomb at Jitto's. $6 for a small sandwich? Do you think this is Santa Monica? Fuck you and your pathetic steak sandwich. Where you get the meat? From the middle of the road? Suds N Soda is so so much better and cheaper. Note: Never trust a sandwich place that's open all the time. Suds N Soda only sells sandwiches from 10-2. Sometimes they are sold out at 1. Sometimes they don't feel like it and don't make any sandwiches. Live with it!
This place is like a fucking factory for steak and cheese sandwiches. You know why they can make you a steak bomb at 8 in the evening? Because IT'S GROSS. They slap on some meat, maybe grill it to kill the bacteria and toss it in a tough sub roll. The cheese was probably from a can. And to charge $6 for that slap in the face was just an insult. If that sub were a man, I was just raped.

In other news I'm working in Kittery, paying Maine income tax, at the Cole Haan outlet mall. It's demo (ishing) of the whole store and my lesson of the day (other than to find other work) is that while specialization of labor is desirable and beneficial as far as workflow is concerned it does cause a disconnect between people and the TOTALITY of what they are doing. People are like race horses. You whip them and point them in one direction and they will run fast and not even pay attention to the other horses or even recognize that there are other horses, let alone ignore the whole stadium and town and city and the birds outside the city etc. Well, I'm no race horse. That's what causes all these troubles in my life. I stopped, midrace, at looked around. The first thing I saw was NO ONE ELSE LOOKING AROUND. I knew that was bad. The second thing I saw was HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF CHEAP PARTICLE BOARD CABINETS being manufactured in china for these retail chains. We filled up two gigantic dumpsters today and we will fill up two tomorrow. It's like 100 square yards of trash....why? Can you tell me why? Can anyone tell me why? I don't think the Cole Haan people could tell me why because they are in the race and they do not see 4 dumpsters full of perfectly good furniture because they are seeing a store full of NEW PARTICLE BOARD FURNITURE. You cocksuckers! Even three old Maine women, or Canadians down for some shoe shopping, marveled at all the good wood.
"Your going to reuse it, right."
I laughed and was too tired to pretend to care.
"Naw. It all goes to the dump."
They gasped.
"That's a nice tabletop, isn't it?"
I looked at the slab of wood in my hand and threw it into the huge pile. It cracked in half. I spit on the ground and blew my nose.
"Eh, what?"
They moved on.
This is totally unacceptable but It's my duty to bear witness to the reckless juggernaut of corporate destruction. If they pay me $50 to slice my finger in half with a metal shelf, well, I'll take it and buy some beer.
My point is that the ethic of specialization of tasks is a dangerous one. It's like you walk into a room and someone tells you to push a button. They'll pay you to push it. Why? Don't worry about why. Just push the button. Do you or don't you? I can only say that you shouldn't push the button. Investigate. Stop the race. Look around.

This video took three hours to upload so you better enjoy it!

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