Wednesday, April 21, 2010

burned hand... cold heart

No, I'm not showing off my physique. I'm trying to get work as a nude model. I'm whoring myself out like everyone wants me to do. I suck cock in the port-a-potty for $20 a trick. So this picture makes me money. That's no different than me going to dover and cranking levers and feeding machinery for a penny a day. This way I get to see the world through my lenses and there is no slack on these chains.
I sent this picture to a photographer in Lebanon, NH. Now I see the wild look in my eyes and am not surprised he didn't write back to me. It was only that the camera took me by surprise.

I did burn my hand on a wood stove but it is only because I'm not careful and fell as I was dodging a chicken.
I do want to point out my $2 pants from the thrift store in Kittery, Maine. They work for me though my waist now has no hip and they fall down my ass every ten minutes. Suspenders might be the answer.

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ed said...

u been lifting?

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