Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not a diary

I'm tempted to describe my day but that boils down to a description of the Chicken and Sausage cream soup I had in North Hampton. The bread with butter. The pretty deli worker who did a good job of not making it look like she was trying not to make eye contact with me. Was I staring? Yes I was. Since I'm thinking from a negative frame of reference I will switch it up...
Things I didn't do today:
Drink booze
Smoke pot
Have sex
Play Martin in tennis
call the temp agency about that shitty job in Dover
I didn't plummet to my death off a ladder either.

that's about it. I did everything else.
it reminds me of a drinking game called "I Never"
for example, If it is true, You say, "I've never had a cock in my ass."
Everyone for whom that statement is false must drink.

It's pretty funny. Someone said, "I've never called a phone sex 1 900 number."
And of course I had to drink. A gay guy was drinking and looked at me and said, "That wath you on the other end of the line?"
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