Tuesday, May 4, 2010

False Alarm

I got all excited because I received an email, "Are you still looking for work." that was for a freelance copywriter resume I posted on craigslist.
"That's right," I thought. "I wrote a good piece of salesmanship and I'm getting leads. That's what I'm talking about."
So I write back and received the following email:

"Sorry, I was tired last night and responded to the wrong listing. I'm looking for a receptionist for my dental office. Please accept my apology."

And my self esteem plummeted to record lows.

Nevertheless, I am devoting time to Nat King Cole this week with two box sets of his music and his biography. I will know as much as I'll ever know about him when I finish listening to all his music and reading about his life. He was a pro pianist by 16 years old and fought tooth and nail to become a success, even putting his own money into the production of his television show. He had the skill and the ambition and not too many personal demons but he was trying to make a name for himself during Jim Crow era America. He would've been better off going to France, but he loved the States so he stayed.
He smoked like crazy and when they took a lung out of him in Santa Monica that was the end. He was about 5 years older than me when he died, which is 45 years younger than Martin. So he was exactly half as old as Martin. Isn't that crazy? I asked Martin about Nat King Cole and he'd lived through his entire career, knew every song.

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