Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fort Stark Brigade

Yes, I was the youngest by 30 years (where are all the 40 year olds at 9am on a wednesday?) but the fort stark brigade volunteers are good folks. The state owns the land but there is no money for any kind of maintenance so the locals have taken the matter into their own hands. I feel a little uncomfortable when they talk about "Keeping the kids from smoking pot in the dungeon." What is youth for except to trespass and smoke pot?
But the projects are there and it makes the place look inviting and respectful of the American flag now flying over the parade grounds. Right? Could we fly a flag over a filthy abandoned fort with "Fuck you" spray painted on the walls and kids smoking crack in the old cable room? I think not. I mean, the idea of America is damn impressive, it's just the reality of America that's so fucked up. 5% of the population of the planet using 33% of the resources. For Hannah Montana dolls and porn videos. NOT IMPRESSED!
But the men and women of the Fort Stark Brigade, I salute you.

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