Friday, May 7, 2010

Life as Art

It's funny, I see myself lately like I'm acting in one of those inspirational movies and
right now I'm in Act I where absolutely nothing is working out but
I'm refusing to give up. I went door to door looking for a public
piano to use and got the doors slammed in my face. (They were church
doors) So what's next? I break in to practice piano at night? I build my own keyboard from a set of lincoln logs?
If this were a movie that's what would happen or I'd meet some old Jazz pianist who takes me under his wing. When is Act II going to start? The audience is getting bored.
Here's me and the brush pile that I tackled at Fort Stark. A nasty tic was waiting in there for me and crawled out of my hair later in the day. It was speckled and cunning as it took several attempts to drown it.

I just clicked on an adult services link that said, "Elegant and Classy" and the picture was of nothing but a lady's ass crack in a dirty bathroom. I think "Loose and Skanky" would be more fitting adjectives.

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